July 30th, 2018 – Monday’s Aren’t So Bad

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Monday’s Aren’t So Bad

Taylor had a little bit of a rough night and was pretty tired today. Despite being tired, he managed to show off a little and the pennies were falling all day long

The weekend is now behind us so ST/PT/OT resumed and as a result, we have some cool stuff to share!! WHOO HOOO!!

ST: His therapist was really impressed today by how much T is jabbing away since Friday! He makes her laugh and I know how much she cares about his success! Good news.. no feeding tube tonight! T has been doing such a great job eating.. and just today eating on HIS OWN!! Even though he can’t see, he is finding the spoon, and feeding himself… he does this with his drink now too!!! It was a great day seeing him reach a new level of ‘independence’ – PENNY!!!!! He does still really enjoy being fed by Momma and Sissy though

OT: OT was involved in some of the eating exercises today, PLUS they played a game working on his dexterity and shape recognition with his hands. Like usual, and no offense to the great OT team here, T doesn’t seem as interested in OT as PT… he likes to work and hear us cheer so maybe we need to cheer more during OT LOL PENNY!

PT: All weekend long Taylor was wanting to walk… but today was about the next step in independence for him… he was ‘signed off’ to be able to move from the bed to the chair – checkout the video of him practicing! He can’t do this alone yet but that means NO MORE LIFT!!!! PENNY!!

For a Monday, I thought it was great! For as much as I dislike Monday’s, Taylor certainly didn’t care… just another day of progress!! I hope your Monday was great too!!

To close off the day, T invited Samm to come watch a movie with him and share some cheesecake! He never offers me any cheesecake!! 😁😉 The bond between those two dorks is amazing and Samm is a terrific sister!!!

No feeding tube tonight.. which means he can lay flat to sleep – he is excited about that! Remember the little things!! THEY REALLY DO MATTER!

Please continue to fight with us!! We have a long way to go and although the little things are very valuable, we still need you!! PLEASE!!!!

I can’t wait for tomorrow!! IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!


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July 29th, 2018 – Motivation

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:

Another great day for Taylor!! He had so many visitors again! We feel the love both virtually and in person!

This is just our second weekend here and we have quickly realized that one of the keys to the weekend is to keep T busy, upbeat and motivated. Not much happens with the therapy staff so the days could seem slow and boring to Taylor.

This weekend was a success for sure! Some folks from Jenni’s work came to visit today ❤️ as well as some of Taylor’s friends – burning up the highway for over a 3 hour drive each way, we just can’t thank them enough! It means the world… literally!

Motivation is key and quite possibly the most important part of this part of the recovery! It’s a long road and we will need it each day, thank you for helping by sharing, liking, commenting, etc – please share the post with friends, or just share his miraculous story! It’s not over… and we have a lot more to do!! Thank you!!!

Another cool thing is if you want to send cards with/without a penny – they are a lot of fun and motivational (and great for therapy 😉 )– you can send those to Taylor Dorward c/o Chris Downs 2115 South Converse Drive Florence, SC 29505 More info can be found at PenniesForTaylor.com

As the days and weeks start to pass us by, we can feel a little impatient. The videos really help see just how much Taylor has progressed over just the past week! I mean heck, it was only on Monday when he started talking with a ‘Hey’ – Jenniferand I were so emotional just hearing that one word… and here we are just a few days later, and he’s rattling off everything about anything! It’s amazing and we can’t wait to see how he does this week – he’s determined, that’s for sure!

We will work hard on keeping him motivated, but we need you in our corner – please continue to encourage him in any way you can!!! Prayers, messages, cards, good vibes, etc – he needs every bit of motivation he can get! We read the comments, notes, messages and cards to him – he really enjoys that!

I know this… if I was in his shoes, I would have felt like giving up long ago.. his determination is amazing!! Thankfully he has a heart of gold and a passion to persevere… and the support system it takes to help get it done! #Facebook is a lot of things… but for T, during this Journey, it has been wonderful!

Just a quick shout out to someone over the weekend who really has been a motivator for Taylor – his name is Jay and he is one of the team members here. T quickly connected with him and I think the same is true visa versa. All the staff here is wonderful… but I really see how T takes Jay’s words and how they motivate him to do more!! Thanks Jay!

Just a quick video today but check out Taylor skiing down the hallway… his idea, not ours! Also, a quick message about how he’s excited about tomorrow

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July 28th, 2018 – The Way You Look Tonight

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:The Way You Look Tonight

What a great day for Taylor!! He had such a great time with all the visitors he had! Thank you to everyone for traveling so far to come visit! It means the world to him and our entire family!!!

There wasn’t much in the form of PT/ST/OT since it’s the weekend and it sort of bothered him a little – he wants to work! He was eager to stand and do things, but he isn’t quite ready to do that without the therapists, so we have to wait… but so glad that he is ready to keep going!

He had a chance to sit in a regular chair today – he did great transitioning from the bed to the chair and back again.. assisted of course but you can tell he wants to do more and more! PENNY!

He had another good night’s rest last night – 3 nights in a row! PENNY!

At one point in the day he had 13 people in the room – actually, that was most of the day LOL – we probably were over the limit but T was having such a good time the nurse didn’t mind.

He spent some time cracking jokes, throwing a ball and singing… of course! Why not use that voice since you have it right! PENNY!!

Taylor really is blessed with great friends and family who love him so much – and he knows it!

Tonight, when his uncle came back to the room he asked how his day went and T said ‘I had a lot of visitors today’ and was smiling… he was exhausted too, don’t get me wrong, but you can see his love for everyone through his tired eyes. I feel certain he will rest well tonight! He only took 1 nap today – HAHA he usually takes 2 so he can rest for PT but today he just wanted to spent time with everyone!

He may be tired, but he looks great and is in great spirits!

Please continue to fight for Taylor with us! He loves hearing the comments on the post throughout the day, he usually asks “who was that” or just says “cool” but the appreciation and smile on his face says it all!

SHARE SHARE SHARE and spread the great story that Taylor is creating… he’s one of my hero’s, for sure!!❤️ He’s doing great but has so much more to do! We need everyone’s support! We are excited for each new day and can’t wait for new pennies to fall in the jar!

If you would like a #PenniesForTaylor shirt, please checkout PenniesforTaylor to learn more! Thank you everyone for all of your support and for sharing this burden with us!!!

He was a bit too tired for a personal message today but still checkout the video of his stellar singing 😊 😊… take and look and share the love!

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July 27th, 2018 – It’s Friday!

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: It’s Friday!

First.. sorry so late!

Taylor had another good night of sleep! The new plan is working so here is to many more nights like this!!! 😊

The facility had an ice cream social today – Taylor enjoyed making handmade ice cream and eating it too 😊

The day burned by with so many things to do! It was so good to see how Jennifer felt after a few good night’s rest – she and I even went for a walk today and enjoyed lunch together! Gosh I love that girl so much!

Since it’s friday, and things are rocking and rolling for T, the day felt very upbeat! The team here is wonderful and we are loving how excited they get about Taylor’s progress every session!

ST: Taylor graduated to soft foods today… sooooo… drum-roll… he had his favorite food, Bob Evans Mac and Cheese!!! He was so happy and talked about it all afternoon anxiously awaiting dinner time. There was a catch though, he could only have it if he busted butt during his afternoon PT. Needless to say, he had the Mac and cheese 😊 PENNY!

OT: Taylor is doing so well with helping to get dressed and taking care of himself! He loves that he is getting more ‘independent’ and he feels himself getting better each day! His short-term goals – use the toilet and shower on his own LOL – it’s amazing to me how strong he handles that short term goal – he’s 18 and completely understands and respects that he has to do small things first… I love his determination and his courage… and his cooperation!! PENNY!

PT: Wow, is all I can say! He really wanted that Bob Evans… and he did great – I will let the video speak more about this 😊 PENNY! PENNY! PENNY!

It is friday.. and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please continue to keep Taylor close to your heart and mind. Even though he won’t have as much therapy over the weekend, his friends and family will keep him working and he needs all the encouragement he can get!

We have been sharing the cards, messages, texts, comments, etc. with him – he is so humble… and so proud of himself… and he LOVES hearing all of you all cheering him on! When we read a comment from Facebook, he will ask – who is that… where are they from… and generally responds with “That’s Cool” and a big smile 😊 I will continue the updates daily – I know the power of everything you send his way is one of the reasons why he continues his progress… and I never want that to stop! Thank you all so much! We love you all!

He will have lots of visitors this weekend so we will be doing some fun stuff with him here on campus and I know he will LOVE IT!!!

Please… share, comment, like, love, message, text, etc – it means the world to us! Even if you send them at 3am, we eventually read them and they are fuel for our tank!!!


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July 26th, 2018 – Feed Me Seymour

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Feed me Seymour

Well, well, well… someone had a good night sleep!!! 😊 First night in a while and we are so grateful – especially Jennifer

T was still very groggy today but having a good night’s rest is a great thing and we hope it continues!!

Watching Taylor is so awesome to me… he trusts us all so much to make sure he is OK, even when he feels terrified. I know he loves that we are at his therapy sessions cheering him on, and heck, we love it too!

We took some time to read many of the comments ya’ll shared on the update from last night – he loved them. He kept saying ‘cool’… ‘cool’.. ‘cool’ LOL He smiles a bunch and asked who said what.. he was blown away that people from all over the world are sending love for him – it was very motivating to him – please keep it up!!!

We told him how much every day has been better and better, and with just a day or so on the speaking valve, his speaking and clarity is getting better already – he looked very motivated… I loved that!!

He also asked to see last night’s video – we showed him, he can’t see yet but he listened… and he heard himself say “Thank you for praying for me”. He then asked… “So do I sound better than that today?”… and we all said yes… he smiled, rocked back and forth and his personal pride was beaming.. he agreed to another message tonight – and he really enjoyed doing it!! I hope you enjoy it too!

Despite being groggy, he really worked hard all day, he’s very motivated.. even if he says no, he quickly agrees to doing it anyway when he’s reminded that he needs to do it to get better. He usually just says ‘OK’ and presses on!

PT: He really pushed hard today – so hard he popped off his trach speaking valve! 😊 Almost hit me… if he wasn’t coughing, I would have sworn he did that on purpose 😊 Kneeling Squats and a good 20 minutes of assisted standing.. PENNY PENNY PENNY!

ST: So a big day for Taylor… REAL FOOD AND A DIET PLAN!!! Still pureed but he enjoyed a full dinner today… chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, pudding, grape juice and fruit juice! Keep it up Taylor and that feeding peg will be out in no TIME!!! PENNY!! He loved eating… he did great… was a bit excited before we started helping him eat – check out the video to hear his excitement 😊 PENNY!!!

OT: T had some time playing games today, I’m not sure he was having a blast, but he still did it 😊 PENNY!! We also got him some things to do in the room during down time – he enjoyed throwing the ball back and forth with Nick and also throwing the ball at his sister..LOL PENNY! His Nana has been here the past few days again.. and I know he loves having her here too – they love playing games together and it’s great to see him feel all of her love!

As the day wound down he was in good spirits and we hope for another good night.

Please keep commenting, sharing, liking, loving, praying, sending positive vibes, good thoughts, and anything else you can do to help encourage Taylor down this road. He is motivated and so are we!!!

TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! This weekend will be tons of fun for him too! Lots of his friends and family are coming to see him! I told him his Aunt and Uncle were coming in 2 weeks and he was blown away with excitement! ❤️ He loves being loved and has a heart of gold!!!!

If you feel inclined, leave you location with your comments or send me a PM with your message for Taylor and your location – he loves this and so do we!!


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July 25th, 2018 – 3 Weeks

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:  3 Weeks

Another rough night of sleep last night – cough is definitely not the issue – Jennifer held down the fort in Taylor’s room throughout the night… but shared with me this morning that it was no fun at all, to say the least. She is such a wonderful wife and friend but somehow an even more impressive Momma to our ‘babies’. I can’t pry her away, and honestly… we have been down this road before, so we have a bit of practice, and I know that no matter what anyone says, we each know our role and we lean on one another when we need to. Priority #1… Our Kids. I love you more and more every day Jennifer Dorward!

Despite his rough night, he worked hard during PT/ST/OT today.. I was honestly shocked because I felt like he was wore out each time but somehow the determination squeaked through and he did great all around! We are all just so proud of him, and I hope you all are too! ❤️

Our days are falling into more of a routine, thankfully! Jennifer and I are beginning to incorporate some of our own professional responsibilities into the mix. We are very grateful to our employers, for not only their tremendous compassion, but their understanding and patience while we pace ourselves through Taylor’s Journey. Our coworkers help share this burden with us too… from a heart and soul perspective, but also on a professional level – taking on extra work while we are away taking care of Taylor, and we are VERY grateful to them all!

Samantha and I had some time with Taylor this afternoon and we played a few trivia rounds – he won… and made sure to brag about it to his sissy 😊 This was fantastic for me to witness. Even though Sam and Taylor are exhausted… they still picked right back up heckling one another, and cracking jokes… like only Dorward’s can 😊 PENNY!

After Taylor won – he pointed at her and said, “I kicked your a$$.” HAHA – I corrected him for his language, and then reminded him that he only won by one point. He said “sorry” and I think he then said, “I still won” LOL

Speaking of saying stuff, I don’t mean mouthing words… I mean REALLY SAYING STUFF!!

ST: T got the speaking valve put on his trach today and has been a jabber jar all day – It is so wonderful to hear him say I love you Daddy! He is working hard on using all his muscles to speak properly… it’s impressive how quickly he can correct himself and sound very clear. PENNY!

OT: Today was interesting… we may have seen a tiny glimpse of evidence that he can see a little – it was very slight but no coincidence. Now that he talks – he can describe that he can’t see but sometimes can see shapes… please keep his vision on your heart and mind! He also spent some time throwing a ball – he really struggled at first but it did not take him long to correct and finished strong for the day 😊 PENNY!!

PT: Today’s sessions were broken up into a morning and afternoon session… so he could rest in between… so he had to really work during each one! …and that he did!! Check out the video to see his determination!! PENNY!!

During the time we were playing trivia, I told Taylor about the 1,000’s of people praying for him all over the world – sending lots of love, and support… he smiled like a rock star! I know it means a lot to him, as it does our entire family! I am so glad I got to share that with him so that he could feel the love from everyone!! I asked him if we could record a special video… for two reasons… one, so he could show off his cool new speaking valve, and two, so he could… well, you’ll just have to watch and see 😊

Tomorrow is a new day, and it too will be filled with small things that we will pick up and carry with us forever!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Please continue to fight with us, pray with us and cheer Taylor on!! We love you all!


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July 24th, 2018 – It’s OK to be Scared

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: It’s OK to be scared

T had a rough night.. that easily translates to Jennifer had a rough night. The trach has been irritating him so much that he would cough more then he would not… they were dry coughs, but they took a lot out of him and really irritated him.

As the night grew older, Jenni asked me to come back to Taylor’s room to talk with him – he was having a hard time. He was very upset… he’s getting more alert and gaining more consciousness… which is great, but it also presents new challenges. It’s ok, our tank is full… thanks to everyone’s love and support, we are running on full nearly round the clock!

I’m getting pretty good at reading his lips… he deserves the credit here – he stays patient and enunciates with his lips and tongue so well it just makes it easier.

When I spoke with him, I asked him if he was scared. He said yes, and then some more… I want to go home, now. Will I die? Will I be here forever?

Deep sigh, even right now as I type those things… the feeling I had last night washed all over me again.

As I tried to explain to him how healthy he is, and how he will not be here forever, and he will go home – I also told him that it will be a lot of hard work and it will take weeks… but it will not be like this forever.

Then I realized that I felt scared too. Not sure why… but I did… so I told him that I was scared too… I got a little emotional… and then he mouthed, ‘it’s OK’.

He was consoling me.. while he was there struggling. So I just said, see.. we all get scared.. and like you said… it will be OK. He smiled.. and then cried some more.. and so did I. I just can’t get this out of my head today and I want to share this with you all. What makes it even more profound to me was that this same sort of message was shared to us in a letter we received today – thank you JB – your words and timing were perfect! ❤️

Later last night (very late), Samantha was adamant that the trach came out today because of T’s coughing… I knew what she meant, but also knew that wasn’t an option just yet – but her reminder and determination helped us when we were with the Dr.’s this morning – they quickly removed the ‘balloon’ from the trach – he still has the trach but removing the balloon really helped… and he has been virtually cough free all day! PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!

Despite the bad night, which meant he was very tired today – He did so great in all his therapies!

PT: He worked very hard to start regaining the muscles and movements to walk! PENNY!!

ST: He had a buffet of food to try today – eggs, chicken steak, yogurt, bananas and grits. All pureed of course – he passed on the grits but tried everything else… he did great! He even snuck in a word or two for us to smile and laugh about! PENNY!

OT: He worked on his fine motor skills and then he spent some surprise time with Shyla again! Hey, petting your puppy is fine motor skills too right 😊 Before T arrived at the meeting place, Shyla laid on the floor for a long time just watching the people come in and out of the door, not moving. When T came through in his wheel chair she stood up, ears all perky, just waiting to see him!! Taylor was so happy to have her there again! Thank you to L&B for having him there and being so patient while we figured out a way for T to see ya’ll!!! PENNY!!!

Because the cough is all but gone, Taylor took a good, and I mean GOOD nap this afternoon – he slept like a baby 😊

Tomorrow will be another great day, I just KNOW IT!!

Please continue to send all your love, prayers, positive energy/thoughts and everything else positive for Taylor – we need it, he needs it!

Attached is a video of Taylor and his nonstop determination today – it’s been 20 days… and just look at him go!! The last part of the video is from last night after our update – it was just too good not to share

Please feel free to share this with your friends – maybe they need to hear that it is OK to be scared too. We all need a little reminder that there are others there to help us when we are scared… we just have to tell them. Courage is contagious!

Good things aren’t always big things, they can be small too.. but they add up if you pay enough attention to them!

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July 23rd, 2018 – Everything To Me

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Everything to Me

What a crazy, busy and fun day! Jennifer, Joshua, Samantha and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of what is happening in Taylor’s life right now! He is such an inspiration to us and we would not have it any other way!! ❤️

We took a little trip through Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy!! PENNIES EVERYWHERE!! Are you ready??

PT: Standing… Squats… centering himself… held himself upright while sitting for over 3 minutes today!! PENNY!!!!! When PT was over, he didn’t want to stop! THAT’S OUR BOY!!

ST: Let’s cut right to it… he ate for the first time today!! Applesauce, and he loved it! You could see him savor every bit of it! PENNY!!! Soon we will be downsizing his trach and not too long after that, we will be getting that baby out!

Today we got to hear him say a few words for the first time – “HEY”, “TAYLOR” and “DORWARD”… took a lot but it was wonderful to hear his voice again! He loved it too!! I can’t wait to hear him sing – he is very good (not as good as me HAHA)!

OT: A real shower!! Certainly had help but he was helping too!! PENNY!! Plus he combed his hair some! PENNY!!

T had a very special visitor today… weeks ago he called her “beautiful” – and he meant it… he called her “my love” and he meant it… Shyla, his 3 month old corgi came by – watching him light up with joy was a tear-jerker… Shyla was so happy to see him – after some time ‘restless’ with excitement, she settled right in his arms. He will get to see her again tomorrow!! Yeah!! A big thank you to our kind friends for bringing her all the way here to see him!!!

T really enjoyed the day! I’m so glad for that!! We remain concerned about his short term memory and vision – also, for a more restful night for Taylor – it’s been difficult in the evening …please PLEASE send prayers, love, positive thoughts and vibes his way for this! His progress has been remarkable but we still have a long way to go!

Please continue to follow Taylor’s Journey and share this with us! We need the support and we don’t want the fire to fade… everything you all do for us helps us every day, and I pray that tomorrow is no different.

Here is a little motivation and some things from Taylor’s day!

July 22nd, 2018 – Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Taylor Update: Keep your eyes on the road!

Tomorrow we get in the fast lane of recovery and rehabilitation. The fast lane will still be very slow but with the focus on rehabilitation rather than life support and critical care , Jennifer and I are ready to move at the necessary pace… I am glad it will be slow… that will make picking up pennies easier!!

As a family, we have always tried to ignore the pain of challenges until we find a solution, and work through it. This approach works for us – it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen every time, but it’s our goal. Look backwards only distracts you from looking forward.

This certainly is no different, and every day, a new challenge pops up forcing us to regroup, react, repeat.

Somehow this doesn’t feel as hard as it should. We have a great family, great friends and a great support group – without these, including Facebook and other social media platforms, we would easily get distracted and start to look back, rather than forward.

Staying focused is hard… not impossible, but hard. Thank you for helping us remember where we are going rather than focus on where we have been!

Taylor did a lot today – at some points, it was too much HAHA – for example, No Taylor, you cannot just try to get out of the bed… or out of chair.. or remove the trach

Definitely working hard on his fine motor skills… holding up one finger, two fingers, three fingers… and even a thumbs up for the nurse today! PENNY PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!!!

Shrugging shoulders, leg exercises, oh, and shimmying his body, which was fun to watch – and he had fun doing it! PENNY PENNY PENNY!

He gave two of his best buds big hugs before they left today! That was such a joy to watch, reminds me just how passionate he is and how much he loves his family and friends! PENNY PENNY!

He and I were going to listen to the Atlanta Braves game on the radio today but it was delayed, so he opted to rock out to some music with his sissy and some of his friends.

OH speaking of pennies… we had a special one today… he put a penny in the jar on his own! PENNY!

I want to just mention before closing, that I know a lot of you messaged me about your own penny plan for you or your loved one… I love this and I know Taylor will love hearing that as well!

Whatever you may be struggling with, big or small, remember to find the good in it, no matter how small! It sure does help keep your eyes on the road while you drive through the pain.❤️

Pennies count… every single one of them!

Here’s a video of Taylor ‘dancing’ while listening to music today – he had a great day! He starts a full day of PT tomorrow – keep us in your prayers and thoughts, please!!



July 21st, 2018 – Laughter IS the best Medicine!

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Laughter is the best medicine!

I’ll admit, I haven’t been in T’s room a lot today, 2 trips to Walmart somehow equated to nearly 5 hours… yeah, that was fun! At least I had Joshua with me (and my Mom and Tori on trip #2).

Jennifer is so wonderful.. as always, keeping T rocking and rolling… and resting when he needs it!

With Taylor’s brain injury, he’s technically still in a Minimally Conscious State – don’t let that scare you – it certainly isn’t scaring him! Day by day, he’s improving more and more!!

The time I did get to spend with him was filled with so many encouraging moments, I feel almost as much peace as I do determination!

He had his first round of floor PT today and did great! PENNY!

Moving around in the bed… PENNY!

He impressed the pants off of the ST this morning… responding to 3 part requests of physical movements… can you stick your tongue out, look up and scratch your nose? Sure! But if you’re like me, I had to think it through… T was on point! PENNY!

Moving himself up in the bed – took a while, and was difficult, but he did it! PENNY!

He’s been smiling and laughing (no sound yet – he wants the trach out now!) – watching him laugh is so incredible!! PENNY!!!

We told the penny story to everyone – the staff here have started putting pennies in on their own when they see new stuff!! They are so impressed… and so are we!!

Still very concerned about short term memory and vision – we have to remind ourselves it’s still so early, but still, it weighs heavy on my heart.

We’ve seen attempts to use fine motor skills – grabbing, etc… he’s trying, and I feel certain he will be able to do it!

I literally feel like I am watching a miracle right before my eyes!

It is a long road ahead… our tank is full… and today, I can clearly tell that Taylor’s tank is full too! Thank you to everyone for adding to it EVERY DAY!!!! ❤️

As a parent, watching your kid laugh with his friends and family is amazing, it just makes my heart smile and feel so full! Please remember to smile and laugh… it’s good for you, but it’s also good for those around you too!

Attached is a photo of the penny jar as of today.. around sunset. That jar is about 10 inches tall – so don’t let the open space fool you.. but at the same time, I know that baby will be filled up soon enough!!

Help us stay motivated! Please continue to share this burden with us – all the likes, loves, messages, texts, and positive thoughts, prayers, etc mean so much!!!!! I can’t wait to show Taylor how many people.. .many we do not even know, have been rooting for him from day 1!! ❤️