July 6th, 2018 – No Response

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Today was a difficult day…

As the morning progressed Taylor did not respond all that well so the Dr’s ordered an MRI. The results were pretty significant and show a concerning amount of brain damage. As heartbreaking as that is, we remain hopeful and will fight with everything we have!!

Taylor is an amazing and remarkable person who impacts everyone he meets, and we have seen so MUCH evidence of that over the past few days. Everyone loves him and so do we!! Even though he can’t have visitors, the waiting room was FULL of his friends and family who traveled just to be there because they love him! That makes our hearts smile.. And I know it does for him too! ♥️

Jennifer Dorward and I will be meeting with a neurologist tomorrow to determine our next moves and I will post an update as I can.

Thank you everyone for the continued love, support, prayers, shares, texts, calls and messages… Thank you!

Please please PLEASE pray for him..


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July 6th, 2018 – Pray Hard

From My Facebook Post:

Shawn Dorward

July 6 ·

Taylor Update: please pray hard for him!! His body temp is now normal, as the doctors expected. He handled the transition well. His vitals are stable. He is not breathing on his own but they will soon reduce sedation to see if we get brain responses. At this point we are unsure what type of brain damage he sustained from lack of oxygen (if any) but there was no head trauma. Depending on how fast we get a response from Taylor, Dr’s will update us with the next steps … For now, we wait, and pray. Jennifer Dorward & I can’t thank everyone enough for their love, prayers and support… But if I can be selfish, please PLEASE don’t stop, we desperately DESPERATELY need them!


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