July 7th, 2018 – Time to Relocate

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Jennifer and I made a decision and had T transported to MUSC. The PMC was great but we wanted him to have a little extra TLC and be in the town he loves. He has been unresponsive today except a tiny bit of time he opened his eyes when Aunt Krystal and I were talking to him.

He is off all meds except a med for seizures. He is tough and we are praying for continued steps forward, even if they are tiny, they are important and a blessing. We will fight hard nonstop but we so badly need you all to keep fighting right along side us!

Taylor is a wonderful person and I know he feels all the love, we need it and he needs it.

Please fight hard with us!! We love you all and thank you so much for what you have done already!!


My Thoughts on the day: