July 8th, 2018 – Little Things Mean A Lot


From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: I’ve been reminding everyone how important tiny improvements are and that no matter how small, they are meaningful.

Today while visiting T with my friend Belinda, T opened his eyes while his head was resting away from my side of the bed. I thought it might be spontaneous so I asked him to look at me. He turned his head and found my eyes!! Head movement on command! The nurse quickly got the Dr and the doctor asked him to move his feet… He did. The Dr asked him to squeeze his hand.. He did!!!

The movements were not a lot, but they were on command and that makes them huge! Taylor has a long and uncertain road ahead of himand Jennifer and I so desperately need everyone to share this burden with us.

We are celebrating this milestone but Please PLEASE continue to lift him in prayer, send all the love, good vibes, happy thoughts, shares, and messages to help support us, we need it and will for a long time!!

We love you all and can’t thank you enough for all your help! Taylor is fighting hard.. I saw it in his eyes!!


My Thoughts on the day:


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