July 9th, 2018 – MRI Results, Round 2


From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Deep breath.

It’s been a long day for everyone, including Dr’s, family, friends but especially Taylor.

We had some very rough news from one of his Doctors that set us into a tailspin of darkness. So much so that they allowed everyone from the waiting room visiting T, into his ICU room to pray with him all at once. It was a beautiful 10 minutes that even included his nurse in our prayer circle. 2 hours later we met with the Sr. Neuro team.. They were VERY opposed to the earlier bad news and showed us that his brain damage (new MRI results) was not as extensive as we were first told!!! It is still VERY serious, but not as bad!

Also they told us that, even though noone knows what the outcome will be, Taylor DOES have a chance to recover and we will continue fighting and so will the medical team!!! We need to see more tiny things every day!! He wasn’t very active today but… BUT, he did breathe on his own while the vent was on standby.. For over an HOUR!!! And after that, and for the rest of the day, the vent was just giving a little kick after he initiated every breath. It did not alarm even once all day!!

A long long road ahead… But we are ready to fight.. please stay and fight with us, we need you!!! Please please please.. Jennifer and I are convinced that the amount of people supporting him is a HUGE part of his recovery… Share, text, comment, message, prayers, thoughts, vibes… Repeat!! ❤️


My Thoughts on the day:


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