July 10th, 2018 – Long Day, Long Post


From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Long Day = Long Post 😊

Another long day gone by in the blink of an eye. Jennifer and I want to make sure everyone knows how much we appreciate everything you are doing to help us… Prayers, company, texts, messages and so much more! It really does help us keep our fight focused!

All these young adults who love Taylor stay here every day.. It amazes me and makes our hearts full! They include some of Ts closest friends, including some brave and selfless ‘brothers’ who responded when he needed them the most nearly a week ago. Without his ‘brothers’ steadfast courage and determination we could have lost seconds, or minutes, which might have translated into the worst possible. Those efforts are never forgotten even when this feels too much for us…. We would have given everything and anything to be in this spot instead of having no chance at all… We will forever be grateful!! ❤️

It was a busy day, for sure! After a good meeting and working with Doctors during rounds, the team agreed to remove the tube and replace it with a trach. That went very well and he is SOO much more comfortable and hopefully won’t need those heavy sedatives! He had lots of good rest today, not much changed otherwise, which is good. After the procedure we were not expecting any reaction from him other than rest. He is breathing over the trach already and we will do trial independent breathing tests again tomorrow.

Our great friends Scott and Melissa were visiting with T and he decided to show off a little. Some eye movement, tongue movements on command, and some extremity movement too!! This was exciting for many reasons but especially because it was MUCH faster after sedatives!! I can see, and feel, his confusion and sadness.. But I also see his determination!! He’s fighting.. I know it!!! Please continue to share this burden with us.. I know I keep asking… We still need it, perhaps even more every day!! – – please PLEASE keep fighting with us, we need you all!! A few tiny things today, I WILL TAKE IT!!!


My Thoughts on the day: