July 11th, 2018 – 1 Week Already

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Whoa, it’s been a week already.

I’m posting a little early today. I hope to wind down early and get some rest tonight.

It’s been a pretty exciting day filled with a few tiny things 😁

Last night T made some vocal sounds while Jennifer was taking care of him. That is so exciting and I’m sure if he was trying to talk, he was saying ‘I love you, Momma’ ❤️. Oh yeah, and unrelated, HE POOPED FINALLY 💩

The Neuro team was very excited to see T localize during their exam this morning. They pinched him on his left side, and his right arm reached over to stop the pinching. I CAN NOT STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS!!

He’s doing great with the trach… Oh yeah, and he’s been off the ventilator all… DAY! 😊

Lots of movement. Not much ‘on command’ but that’s ok, even though it feels like forever, it’s only been a week and we are making great progress!!

Please continue to keep us close to your heart and mind. We feel your love and it helps… More then I could ever describe! We are praying he continues to make progress. I can’t wait to see him wake up. Thank you all!!! ♥️♥️


My Thoughts on the day:


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