July 12th, 2018 – Slow, But Sure.

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Slow, but sure.

Today was fairly quiet. Lots to be thankful for over the past few days.. but today was generally quiet.

Stomach peg was put in, everything went well. Neuro tests were about the same. No ‘on command’ responses today, but the boy is tired!! The sedation sets him back every time but hopefully he won’t need it anymore.

T hasn’t been rustling as much but again, the sedation. The Dr’s, nurses and everyone else here have been great and they are all rooting for him.

Tomorrow is a new day! Back on the vent today because of sedation.

Tomorrow we hope and pray for consciousness and more responsiveness… But today we are grateful for his comfort and rest. He has been working hard the past few days… He must be exhausted and I assume that’s why he’s been out of it today.

Jennifer and I are very tired and scared BUT determined. Samantha and Joshua have been terrific through their pain … helping with anything we can ask. ♥️♥️

Lots of excitement surrounding our next steps. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

Many have asked how they can help. We need your help, we just don’t know how we need you.. We DO know that we need you all to continue to motivate us through your prayers, vibes, loves, messages, texts, shares and anything else you can send our way… Taylor is an extraordinary person (as are Josh and Samm)!! I don’t want the fire to burn out… We need you!!! ♥️

Today was quiet… But I pray tomorrow we can share some exciting ‘pennies’. I just have a good feeling about tomorrow… Don’t know why, I just do ♥️


My Thoughts on the day:


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