July 13th, 2018 – Keep Your Head Up

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Keep your head up!

Today went by so fast… Not sure why it went so fast, but it did.

T’s Neuro exam today was about the same as yesterday. As much as I want to see more, I know that that is OK and we hear that from the Dr.’s too.

It’s been 9 days. I have to keep reminding myself… 9 days is not a lot for this type of injury. Since day 1 I have talked with everyone about how we need to praise these little things. I use pennies as an example: No one seems to recognize them, we tend to walk past them, lose them, or even throw them out… I like pennies because “Pennies Make Dollars”. Without the tiny part, the big part would not exist. I have used this simple reminder for myself… for many things, for many years…and it really helps me. Perhaps I was practicing for just this time in my life.

The little things matter so much! We have had so many ‘positive coincidences’ happen to us over the past week.. things that just make us smile and help make the day better… we call them ‘cheat codes’ (little things that help us get around obstacles or just give us an advantage) – I would like to take credit for naming those things as ‘cheat codes’ – well, because I think it is awesome name… but that credit goes to Bri. 🙂 We decided that ‘cheat codes’ are like those pennies! Things that just make us smile and know we can get through this! They may be little, but they add up. PENNIES!!!

In addition to cheat codes, anything Taylor does that he couldn’t do before… well those are pennies too!

It’s hard to keep up with all those pennies and make sure we can ‘see’ the progress and support that we have… so we started a penny jar. Each time we feel a ‘cheat code’ OR when Taylor does something he couldn’t do before, we are putting a penny in the jar. We want to make sure we do not forget how far he has come!!!

Today.. as I mentioned, not much changed neurologically, but… BUT… physical therapy did visit today and moved Taylor to a special chair so he could sit upright. When Alex sat him up in his bed, which is the very first time that has happened… we couldn’t believe it… he was able to hold his head up on his own!!! ❤️❤️

Now… that IS WORTH A PENNY!!!!! 😁

We need you, we need every little thing you can share with us… because they add up, and we are counting on all the little things!! Jennifer and I are loving the texts, comments, shares, messages, visits, testimonials, love, and everything else you share with us! They are pennies too!!!

In the photo, that’s the actual jar… It may not look like much, but it REALLY IS!! And… as you can see, we are ready to add a whole lot more to it!!!

I can’t wait to fill this baby up with pennies!!! I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!! TOMORROW WILL BE AWESOME!

As you share this burden with us… please fight with us!! Please don’t lose hope or feel the fire fading within you… keep your head up, just like Taylor did today!! ❤️❤️ #PenniesForTaylor


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