July 14th, 2018 – Silence is Golden, Right?

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Silence is golden… Right?

Jennifer is such a wonderful mother, mom and friend to all of our kids. It makes me fall in love with her over and over again when I watch her take care of T. ♥️ I don’t know what I did to be this lucky to have you!!

T was in his chair again today… I think he likes it 😁

He had a day full of visitors! I know he loves that… He may not be able to tell us now, but once he’s better, I am sure he will!! 😊

Taylors chest Xray looked good… Penny!

The movement in his arms definitely is improving… PENNY!

He was back on the trach collar instead of the vent for a long time today.. PENNY!

We are hopefully moving to a rehabilitation center soon. Even though he is in ICU and has a trach, his overall health is good and we feel like we need to start the long road of recovery. We aren’t skipping out of here tomorrow.. but soon.. Steps forward are awesome!!

Samantha curled up in bed with him today to listen to music and his favorite show, The Office.. It broke me a little… In a good way. While cuddling, he made a few vocal sounds.. PENNY!!!

The hospital is very quiet on the weekends… And so was Taylor’s room… Less alarms.. Less panic attacks…less chaos. He did pretty good today and we are excited about tomorrow!! He’s still unresponsive but we all know he can hear us and I can’t wait until he wakes up!!

Thank you everyone for sharing your love, it can’t be expressed with words how much it helps when things are a little tougher on us than we would like. ♥️

It’s been quiet today.. That’s OK, we needed it.


My Thoughts on the day: