July 15th, 2018 – Turn That Frown Upside Down

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Turn that frown upside down.

Taylor enjoyed some more time in the chair today. After a few hours, he gets uncomfortable and irritated but for the most part, he does well.

His unconsciousness is about the same but hard to say for sure… a few people saw signs of his personality eeking out at appropriate times. Moving his lips a little when a good song was on the radio.. that type of stuff. 😀 Small, but AWESOME!!! That’s MY BOY!!! PENNY!

T definitely seems to hear us – we can ‘feel’ he is listening but doesn’t have the awareness just yet to put things to work… that’s OK, we have plenty of time for him to rest and heal!❤️❤️❤️

His kidneys are functioning fine but has been on a cath the entire time. Off of it a few times to see if he would ‘go’ on his own, but no luck. Today… and maybe part of his personality eeking out… he eeked out some other stuff too… HE PEED!!!! He made a mess but the nurses didn’t care LOL PENNY!!!

Jennifer and I are working hard to find the best place for his rehabilitation, when he is ready. We would do anything for this crazy kid 😁 but we need your continued determination to fight with us! Please continue to pray, share, text, message, post, etc… we love it, it helps. A LOT!!

Oh, I almost forgot 😉… I didn’t get to see it, but several others did… he smiled today!!! PENNY!! … and tears of joy from Momma and Daddy!! We love you all!! #PenniesForTaylor PenniesforTaylor

My Thoughts on the day:

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