July 16th, 2018 – How Did We Get Here

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Taylor Update: How did we get here?

If you saw my earlier post today, you already know that today was a big day for us! The rest of the day was a lot of rest and some time in the chair – which T shook his head ‘no’ when his new friend Alex (PT) asked him if he was comfortable – Too bad bubba, you need it โค๏ธ

He stayed pretty tired the rest of the day, he worked hard this morning so resting is good ๐Ÿ˜

I was sitting in the waiting room, excited but patient and committed to the work needed for this time in our lives… I started thinking about a lot of things so tonight’s post is more about that.

12 days ago Taylor drowned at a friend of a friends house. We are unsure why he drowned – it only takes a few seconds/minutes of distraction for life to change even without cause. We probably will never know… that is part of how we got here.

I do know that T loves swimming and he is a great swimmer… we are just grateful that he was with some GREAT friends who acted in spite of their fear, for Taylor’s sake. Those folks and the seconds/minutes saved because of their courage and determination… that is part of how we got here..

EMT acted and responded fast, like true life savers that they are! … that is part of how we got here.

The steady but determined hands of the ER team and ICU team at Piedmont Medical… never wavering and fighting right along with us… that is part of how we got here..โค๏ธ

The incredibly passionate, skilled and determined team at MUSC… . that is part of how we got here.

The continued fight from his friends and family and 1,000s of commitments of love, prayers and thoughts from folks we know and many who we have never met… that is part of how we got here.

Mercy and Blessings… no matter what your belief… that is part of how we got here.

So we are here… because of all these things. Now we are on a road so long it seems never ending… we know what the destination is…we just can’t see it.. so how do we get there?

We need you, your thoughts, prayers, vibes, smoke signals, chants, chimes, shares, texts, messages, and anything else positive you would like to offer as a way to share this burden with us. As you can see, we could not have ‘got here’ without everything above, and we know we cannot get to the destination without the continued determination and love of Dr’s, Nurses, Therapists, and you.. our friends, family and supporters. Please continue to share this burden with us… help us add more pennies to this long process. Jennifer and I are ready to fight! I cannot WAIT for tomorrow!

#PenniesForTaylor PenniesforTaylor


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July 16th, 2018 – Can’t Stop The Feeling

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Can’t stop the feeling!

I haven’t really had a chance to post this early in the day before but I just can’t contain myself!

T had some very subtle movements this morning and I didn’t really feel like they were purposeful…

He may have closed his eyes on command… Maybe.

BUT… forget about that because shortly after, with Jennifer, Samantha, Joshua and me all in the room with him… He decided to show us he’s fighting and with us!

He was looking at each of us, individualy, on request, and smiling and even moving his head to music. โ™ฅ๏ธ

I decided to test him… I explained a little how much we love him and not to worry about anything.. I asked him to shake his head ‘yes’ if he understood… He did, then I just asked, can you shake your head no… He did. Smiling at all of us and even making frown faces for things he didn’t care for ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

We interacted with him as a family for over 40 minutes… Dr’s coming in and saying ‘wow’.. I even asked one to repeat himself… Tears of joy filled the ICU staff and our family as many from the floor came over to watch!

He’s resting now… It wore him out.. But we are so excited about how much hope this brings to his recovery.

I don’t know what this means clinically, but we got to spend a good amount of time with him, acted like himself and I even feel like he was messing with me a few times.๐Ÿ˜Ž

His unconsciousness status is.. I don’t know. I don’t want to say it’s gone, because it isn’t – he’s not awake (YET!) … But I do know that he is trying to shake it off more and more each day. He’s still very weak and ‘in and out’ of it. The road is long, but our tank is full!

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance!!

#PenniesForTaylor PenniesforTaylor


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