July 17th, 2018 – Feel The Love

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Feel the love.

What another fantastic day! Pennies dropping in the jar for sure!!! Jennifer and I are feeling a little tired, but we are adjusting and making sure we find the right balance. Rehab will be coming soon and we are working on that, dealing with insurance, etc… all the norms, but we feel you pushing us every time we slow down!

During some TLC from the excellent RN team while cleaning his mouth, T reacted to requests like ‘can you open your mouth’ for teeth/mouth care, and ‘can you close your mouth’ … VERY IMPRESSIVE responsiveness .. PENNY!!!

Jennifer and I are so excited about how he continues to be ‘him’ through his personality! Smiling and expressions… it’s not all day, or all the time, but they feel like gold every time they happen… and today was a continuation of yesterday!! ❤️PENNY!

He didn’t tire as easy today when responding to us. He spent more time engaged and even ‘laughing’ at a joke or two with his Momma and one of his ‘best’ 😉 friends 🙂 No laugh sounds yet, but I know when that trach comes out, I will hear that goofy Dorward laugh that he shares with the rest of us every chance he gets! PENNY!!

PT with Alex (who I think is now his biggest fan) went well – he responded to ‘fall forward’ tests and held his torso upright for 25 seconds today – yesterday was just 12 – twice as long! PENNY!!!

The past 48 hours… off the vent… less coughing, more reactions, more movements (on command kicking pappap) and so many other small things..we are grateful for them all, and each put a penny in that jar baby!!

I am so proud of him and proud to be his daddy. I know he is scared, confused and frustrated… and I am sure that will be more obvious as he gains his consciousness… but, I know he can get through this and I am 100% confident tomorrow will have even more progress!

We are worried about his vision and how he handles ‘waking up’ to this new reality. Please keep that in your prayers, thoughts, and positive vibes.. as the pennies drop, new challenges need our attention, that’s OK, they will turn into pennies too, I just know it!!

I walked down the hallway to a few nurses peeking in his window watching him. I could tell they were filled with hope and joy for his continued progress. I know T feels their love.. we sure do!!

It amazes me how many people he has touched through this… We feel the love every where we go.. we need it now, and we will need it tomorrow… he is doing better, for sure, slowly but consistently… the battle is just starting!!! Please continue to fight with us! ❤️ Every prayer, thought, share, like, comment, text, prayer list, high fives, emails and cards count!!!! Thank you! WE LOVE YOU ALL… and I hope you can feel it as much as we feel your love!!!

#PenniesForTaylor PenniesforTaylor


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