July 18th, 2018 – What’s In A Number

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: What’s in a number?

Wow, another fast day. It’s been 14 days since this all happened. It’s amazing to me what the past 14 days has been all about…

Blood pressure checks, heart rate checks, temperature drop, temperature raising… fevers, neuro scales, body weight, time without oxygen, time on sedation, respiration rates, o2 saturation, ventilator stats… peeps, breaths on his own, breath count by vent, blood gases…

Minutes, seconds, scales, measures… deep breath. So many numbers have been thrown around during the process… how many times did he smile, how many days in this hospital, or that hospital…

How much is this, how much is that.. how long has it been since… how many days has it been.. how many hours until… exhale.

The past two weeks have been filled with numbers. Today was no different, co pay, deductible, liters, cc’s, hours, percentages… OK OK OK! I am a numbers guy… so I’m OK with all this, but it’s a lot! Thank goodness for the ability to take notes and keep up with everything! 🙂

All these numbers were just flowing through the process, until today… until I heard a pretty cool number. 4. Last week T was a 1… over the weekend, a 2… yesterday, a 3… but today, a 4. That is, on the Ranchos Los Amigos Scale – this scale is an easy way to describe a brain-injured person’s level of activity. So, what does that mean, another day of moving forward!!! This measurement really hit me!!! PENNY PENNY PENNY!!

Jennifer and I have found this exciting news to be a bit difficult because during this ‘stage’ Taylor will get very frustrated/irritated/angry… the team at the hospital tell us that this is all normal and very promising since he did so much so quickly… but, it’s still difficult… but it’s still exciting… when the agitation goes away, he will move to a 5 (out of 10 on that scale)… so here’s to a 5 as soon as possible haha ❤️

Taylor did great during PT – frustrated but determined to do more than asked and not give up.. PENNY!

Moved arms over his head for first time… PENNY!

Used right arm/hand to wipe/scratch his nose… PENNY!!!

We are still working on rehab and continue to be very worried about his vision/sight! We will continue to need you in our corner throughout this journey! As the day winds down, I can’t thank you enough for your determination to fight with us! Please continue to Like, Share, Love, Message, Text, pray, send vibes… and anything else you can to help Taylor win this battle! Every single thing you do to help us, COUNTS!! 🙂

We love you! I’m going to try and get T to give me permission to post a pic of him … it’s a house rule, so I have to ask! ❤️

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