July 20th, 2018 – Let’s See How Far We’ve Come

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Let’s see how far we’ve come!

Today T traveled 5.5 hours with his Momma (Jennifer) so that he could start his rehab process! We have been so excited for this to happen!!! Looking back at the past two weeks, and rereading my updates, makes me tear up with appreciation! HOW AMAZING!

From one of the darkest times in our lives, to one of the most exciting… all in just 16 days… and we have no plans on stopping now!

A big Thank YOU to the team at PMC and MUSC – they were both great and we would not be here without them, their expertise and compassion for Taylor – Also to all of you, everyone of you standing behind them cheering them on with thoughts, prayers, and encouragement.

So now we are at the next leg of this road trip, we took a small right turn and Taylor is already impressing everyone he meets – with his smile, sense of humor and determination!

As you may recall, he has severe brain damage – because the brain is so complex, Dr.’s really can’t say what to expect until after about 6 months after the accident. We have a long way to go and we are ready!! Taylor is still a Ranchos 4 but I think he may be sneaking into the 5 because he hasn’t been as angry. ❤️

When we first arrived, the Dr. asked T if he could scratch his left shin with his right toe… he DID and then the opposite! Both on command.. PENNY PENNY!!

So many other things, even trying to give a middle ‘thumbs up’ to the Dr… only because he asked LOL PENNY!

When we got here, so many Dr’s and team members came to evaluate him… he was doing so many new things, I couldn’t help but say it was at least 10 PENNIES!!!

They love him here already and I can tell they are going to help push him and get him as far down this road as possible. We will be here for a long time, but that is nothing compared to what we could have been experiencing.

So that you too can see just how far we have come, I wanted to share some pictures of progress! We need to keep this fire burning! We are not done and constantly are asking for your prayers, likes, loves, shares, messages, texts, vibes, and anything else positive you can send to Taylor!

I’ve attached 4 photos… the first from when he was just received at PMC – day 2 I believe, the second after he was at MUSC and on the trach, I believe day 6, the 3rd from Day 8 after his feeding tube was put in… and then the 4th… which is from today, day 16, he is dressed in his own clothing and getting ready to start this new chapter!!!

FYI – I have been documenting as much of this recovery as I can, photos, notes, and more… I hope to one day be able to help someone else by sharing as many details about Taylors journey as I can.

Please keep sharing his story with everyone you meet! He has a long way to go but has overcome so much already! We are very concerned for his vision and short term memory! He has remarkable responses to motor skills and a smile that just won’t quit!!! It is truly remarkable and we are not done yet!!!

#PenniesForTaylor PenniesforTaylor

”Image ”Image ”Image ”Image

Day 2, Day 6, Day 8, Day 16 (1st day of Rehab)

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