July 21st, 2018 – Laughter IS the best Medicine!

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Laughter is the best medicine!

I’ll admit, I haven’t been in T’s room a lot today, 2 trips to Walmart somehow equated to nearly 5 hours… yeah, that was fun! At least I had Joshua with me (and my Mom and Tori on trip #2).

Jennifer is so wonderful.. as always, keeping T rocking and rolling… and resting when he needs it!

With Taylor’s brain injury, he’s technically still in a Minimally Conscious State – don’t let that scare you – it certainly isn’t scaring him! Day by day, he’s improving more and more!!

The time I did get to spend with him was filled with so many encouraging moments, I feel almost as much peace as I do determination!

He had his first round of floor PT today and did great! PENNY!

Moving around in the bed… PENNY!

He impressed the pants off of the ST this morning… responding to 3 part requests of physical movements… can you stick your tongue out, look up and scratch your nose? Sure! But if you’re like me, I had to think it through… T was on point! PENNY!

Moving himself up in the bed – took a while, and was difficult, but he did it! PENNY!

He’s been smiling and laughing (no sound yet – he wants the trach out now!) – watching him laugh is so incredible!! PENNY!!!

We told the penny story to everyone – the staff here have started putting pennies in on their own when they see new stuff!! They are so impressed… and so are we!!

Still very concerned about short term memory and vision – we have to remind ourselves it’s still so early, but still, it weighs heavy on my heart.

We’ve seen attempts to use fine motor skills – grabbing, etc… he’s trying, and I feel certain he will be able to do it!

I literally feel like I am watching a miracle right before my eyes!

It is a long road ahead… our tank is full… and today, I can clearly tell that Taylor’s tank is full too! Thank you to everyone for adding to it EVERY DAY!!!! ❤️

As a parent, watching your kid laugh with his friends and family is amazing, it just makes my heart smile and feel so full! Please remember to smile and laugh… it’s good for you, but it’s also good for those around you too!

Attached is a photo of the penny jar as of today.. around sunset. That jar is about 10 inches tall – so don’t let the open space fool you.. but at the same time, I know that baby will be filled up soon enough!!

Help us stay motivated! Please continue to share this burden with us – all the likes, loves, messages, texts, and positive thoughts, prayers, etc mean so much!!!!! I can’t wait to show Taylor how many people.. .many we do not even know, have been rooting for him from day 1!! ❤️