July 22nd, 2018 – Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Taylor Update: Keep your eyes on the road!

Tomorrow we get in the fast lane of recovery and rehabilitation. The fast lane will still be very slow but with the focus on rehabilitation rather than life support and critical care , Jennifer and I are ready to move at the necessary pace… I am glad it will be slow… that will make picking up pennies easier!!

As a family, we have always tried to ignore the pain of challenges until we find a solution, and work through it. This approach works for us – it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen every time, but it’s our goal. Look backwards only distracts you from looking forward.

This certainly is no different, and every day, a new challenge pops up forcing us to regroup, react, repeat.

Somehow this doesn’t feel as hard as it should. We have a great family, great friends and a great support group – without these, including Facebook and other social media platforms, we would easily get distracted and start to look back, rather than forward.

Staying focused is hard… not impossible, but hard. Thank you for helping us remember where we are going rather than focus on where we have been!

Taylor did a lot today – at some points, it was too much HAHA – for example, No Taylor, you cannot just try to get out of the bed… or out of chair.. or remove the trach

Definitely working hard on his fine motor skills… holding up one finger, two fingers, three fingers… and even a thumbs up for the nurse today! PENNY PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!!!

Shrugging shoulders, leg exercises, oh, and shimmying his body, which was fun to watch – and he had fun doing it! PENNY PENNY PENNY!

He gave two of his best buds big hugs before they left today! That was such a joy to watch, reminds me just how passionate he is and how much he loves his family and friends! PENNY PENNY!

He and I were going to listen to the Atlanta Braves game on the radio today but it was delayed, so he opted to rock out to some music with his sissy and some of his friends.

OH speaking of pennies… we had a special one today… he put a penny in the jar on his own! PENNY!

I want to just mention before closing, that I know a lot of you messaged me about your own penny plan for you or your loved one… I love this and I know Taylor will love hearing that as well!

Whatever you may be struggling with, big or small, remember to find the good in it, no matter how small! It sure does help keep your eyes on the road while you drive through the pain.❤️

Pennies count… every single one of them!

Here’s a video of Taylor ‘dancing’ while listening to music today – he had a great day! He starts a full day of PT tomorrow – keep us in your prayers and thoughts, please!!