July 23rd, 2018 – Everything To Me

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Everything to Me

What a crazy, busy and fun day! Jennifer, Joshua, Samantha and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of what is happening in Taylor’s life right now! He is such an inspiration to us and we would not have it any other way!! ❤️

We took a little trip through Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy!! PENNIES EVERYWHERE!! Are you ready??

PT: Standing… Squats… centering himself… held himself upright while sitting for over 3 minutes today!! PENNY!!!!! When PT was over, he didn’t want to stop! THAT’S OUR BOY!!

ST: Let’s cut right to it… he ate for the first time today!! Applesauce, and he loved it! You could see him savor every bit of it! PENNY!!! Soon we will be downsizing his trach and not too long after that, we will be getting that baby out!

Today we got to hear him say a few words for the first time – “HEY”, “TAYLOR” and “DORWARD”… took a lot but it was wonderful to hear his voice again! He loved it too!! I can’t wait to hear him sing – he is very good (not as good as me HAHA)!

OT: A real shower!! Certainly had help but he was helping too!! PENNY!! Plus he combed his hair some! PENNY!!

T had a very special visitor today… weeks ago he called her “beautiful” – and he meant it… he called her “my love” and he meant it… Shyla, his 3 month old corgi came by – watching him light up with joy was a tear-jerker… Shyla was so happy to see him – after some time ‘restless’ with excitement, she settled right in his arms. He will get to see her again tomorrow!! Yeah!! A big thank you to our kind friends for bringing her all the way here to see him!!!

T really enjoyed the day! I’m so glad for that!! We remain concerned about his short term memory and vision – also, for a more restful night for Taylor – it’s been difficult in the evening …please PLEASE send prayers, love, positive thoughts and vibes his way for this! His progress has been remarkable but we still have a long way to go!

Please continue to follow Taylor’s Journey and share this with us! We need the support and we don’t want the fire to fade… everything you all do for us helps us every day, and I pray that tomorrow is no different.

Here is a little motivation and some things from Taylor’s day!

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