July 25th, 2018 – 3 Weeks

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:  3 Weeks

Another rough night of sleep last night – cough is definitely not the issue – Jennifer held down the fort in Taylor’s room throughout the night… but shared with me this morning that it was no fun at all, to say the least. She is such a wonderful wife and friend but somehow an even more impressive Momma to our ‘babies’. I can’t pry her away, and honestly… we have been down this road before, so we have a bit of practice, and I know that no matter what anyone says, we each know our role and we lean on one another when we need to. Priority #1… Our Kids. I love you more and more every day Jennifer Dorward!

Despite his rough night, he worked hard during PT/ST/OT today.. I was honestly shocked because I felt like he was wore out each time but somehow the determination squeaked through and he did great all around! We are all just so proud of him, and I hope you all are too! ❤️

Our days are falling into more of a routine, thankfully! Jennifer and I are beginning to incorporate some of our own professional responsibilities into the mix. We are very grateful to our employers, for not only their tremendous compassion, but their understanding and patience while we pace ourselves through Taylor’s Journey. Our coworkers help share this burden with us too… from a heart and soul perspective, but also on a professional level – taking on extra work while we are away taking care of Taylor, and we are VERY grateful to them all!

Samantha and I had some time with Taylor this afternoon and we played a few trivia rounds – he won… and made sure to brag about it to his sissy 😊 This was fantastic for me to witness. Even though Sam and Taylor are exhausted… they still picked right back up heckling one another, and cracking jokes… like only Dorward’s can 😊 PENNY!

After Taylor won – he pointed at her and said, “I kicked your a$$.” HAHA – I corrected him for his language, and then reminded him that he only won by one point. He said “sorry” and I think he then said, “I still won” LOL

Speaking of saying stuff, I don’t mean mouthing words… I mean REALLY SAYING STUFF!!

ST: T got the speaking valve put on his trach today and has been a jabber jar all day – It is so wonderful to hear him say I love you Daddy! He is working hard on using all his muscles to speak properly… it’s impressive how quickly he can correct himself and sound very clear. PENNY!

OT: Today was interesting… we may have seen a tiny glimpse of evidence that he can see a little – it was very slight but no coincidence. Now that he talks – he can describe that he can’t see but sometimes can see shapes… please keep his vision on your heart and mind! He also spent some time throwing a ball – he really struggled at first but it did not take him long to correct and finished strong for the day 😊 PENNY!!

PT: Today’s sessions were broken up into a morning and afternoon session… so he could rest in between… so he had to really work during each one! …and that he did!! Check out the video to see his determination!! PENNY!!

During the time we were playing trivia, I told Taylor about the 1,000’s of people praying for him all over the world – sending lots of love, and support… he smiled like a rock star! I know it means a lot to him, as it does our entire family! I am so glad I got to share that with him so that he could feel the love from everyone!! I asked him if we could record a special video… for two reasons… one, so he could show off his cool new speaking valve, and two, so he could… well, you’ll just have to watch and see 😊

Tomorrow is a new day, and it too will be filled with small things that we will pick up and carry with us forever!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

Please continue to fight with us, pray with us and cheer Taylor on!! We love you all!


Click Here to Watch the Video

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