July 26th, 2018 – Feed Me Seymour

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Feed me Seymour

Well, well, well… someone had a good night sleep!!! 😊 First night in a while and we are so grateful – especially Jennifer

T was still very groggy today but having a good night’s rest is a great thing and we hope it continues!!

Watching Taylor is so awesome to me… he trusts us all so much to make sure he is OK, even when he feels terrified. I know he loves that we are at his therapy sessions cheering him on, and heck, we love it too!

We took some time to read many of the comments ya’ll shared on the update from last night – he loved them. He kept saying ‘cool’… ‘cool’.. ‘cool’ LOL He smiles a bunch and asked who said what.. he was blown away that people from all over the world are sending love for him – it was very motivating to him – please keep it up!!!

We told him how much every day has been better and better, and with just a day or so on the speaking valve, his speaking and clarity is getting better already – he looked very motivated… I loved that!!

He also asked to see last night’s video – we showed him, he can’t see yet but he listened… and he heard himself say “Thank you for praying for me”. He then asked… “So do I sound better than that today?”… and we all said yes… he smiled, rocked back and forth and his personal pride was beaming.. he agreed to another message tonight – and he really enjoyed doing it!! I hope you enjoy it too!

Despite being groggy, he really worked hard all day, he’s very motivated.. even if he says no, he quickly agrees to doing it anyway when he’s reminded that he needs to do it to get better. He usually just says ‘OK’ and presses on!

PT: He really pushed hard today – so hard he popped off his trach speaking valve! 😊 Almost hit me… if he wasn’t coughing, I would have sworn he did that on purpose 😊 Kneeling Squats and a good 20 minutes of assisted standing.. PENNY PENNY PENNY!

ST: So a big day for Taylor… REAL FOOD AND A DIET PLAN!!! Still pureed but he enjoyed a full dinner today… chicken, sweet potatoes, green beans, pudding, grape juice and fruit juice! Keep it up Taylor and that feeding peg will be out in no TIME!!! PENNY!! He loved eating… he did great… was a bit excited before we started helping him eat – check out the video to hear his excitement 😊 PENNY!!!

OT: T had some time playing games today, I’m not sure he was having a blast, but he still did it 😊 PENNY!! We also got him some things to do in the room during down time – he enjoyed throwing the ball back and forth with Nick and also throwing the ball at his sister..LOL PENNY! His Nana has been here the past few days again.. and I know he loves having her here too – they love playing games together and it’s great to see him feel all of her love!

As the day wound down he was in good spirits and we hope for another good night.

Please keep commenting, sharing, liking, loving, praying, sending positive vibes, good thoughts, and anything else you can do to help encourage Taylor down this road. He is motivated and so are we!!!

TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! This weekend will be tons of fun for him too! Lots of his friends and family are coming to see him! I told him his Aunt and Uncle were coming in 2 weeks and he was blown away with excitement! ❤️ He loves being loved and has a heart of gold!!!!

If you feel inclined, leave you location with your comments or send me a PM with your message for Taylor and your location – he loves this and so do we!!


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