July 27th, 2018 – It’s Friday!

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: It’s Friday!

First.. sorry so late!

Taylor had another good night of sleep! The new plan is working so here is to many more nights like this!!! 😊

The facility had an ice cream social today – Taylor enjoyed making handmade ice cream and eating it too 😊

The day burned by with so many things to do! It was so good to see how Jennifer felt after a few good night’s rest – she and I even went for a walk today and enjoyed lunch together! Gosh I love that girl so much!

Since it’s friday, and things are rocking and rolling for T, the day felt very upbeat! The team here is wonderful and we are loving how excited they get about Taylor’s progress every session!

ST: Taylor graduated to soft foods today… sooooo… drum-roll… he had his favorite food, Bob Evans Mac and Cheese!!! He was so happy and talked about it all afternoon anxiously awaiting dinner time. There was a catch though, he could only have it if he busted butt during his afternoon PT. Needless to say, he had the Mac and cheese 😊 PENNY!

OT: Taylor is doing so well with helping to get dressed and taking care of himself! He loves that he is getting more ‘independent’ and he feels himself getting better each day! His short-term goals – use the toilet and shower on his own LOL – it’s amazing to me how strong he handles that short term goal – he’s 18 and completely understands and respects that he has to do small things first… I love his determination and his courage… and his cooperation!! PENNY!

PT: Wow, is all I can say! He really wanted that Bob Evans… and he did great – I will let the video speak more about this 😊 PENNY! PENNY! PENNY!

It is friday.. and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Please continue to keep Taylor close to your heart and mind. Even though he won’t have as much therapy over the weekend, his friends and family will keep him working and he needs all the encouragement he can get!

We have been sharing the cards, messages, texts, comments, etc. with him – he is so humble… and so proud of himself… and he LOVES hearing all of you all cheering him on! When we read a comment from Facebook, he will ask – who is that… where are they from… and generally responds with “That’s Cool” and a big smile 😊 I will continue the updates daily – I know the power of everything you send his way is one of the reasons why he continues his progress… and I never want that to stop! Thank you all so much! We love you all!

He will have lots of visitors this weekend so we will be doing some fun stuff with him here on campus and I know he will LOVE IT!!!

Please… share, comment, like, love, message, text, etc – it means the world to us! Even if you send them at 3am, we eventually read them and they are fuel for our tank!!!


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