July 28th, 2018 – The Way You Look Tonight

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:The Way You Look Tonight

What a great day for Taylor!! He had such a great time with all the visitors he had! Thank you to everyone for traveling so far to come visit! It means the world to him and our entire family!!!

There wasn’t much in the form of PT/ST/OT since it’s the weekend and it sort of bothered him a little – he wants to work! He was eager to stand and do things, but he isn’t quite ready to do that without the therapists, so we have to wait… but so glad that he is ready to keep going!

He had a chance to sit in a regular chair today – he did great transitioning from the bed to the chair and back again.. assisted of course but you can tell he wants to do more and more! PENNY!

He had another good night’s rest last night – 3 nights in a row! PENNY!

At one point in the day he had 13 people in the room – actually, that was most of the day LOL – we probably were over the limit but T was having such a good time the nurse didn’t mind.

He spent some time cracking jokes, throwing a ball and singing… of course! Why not use that voice since you have it right! PENNY!!

Taylor really is blessed with great friends and family who love him so much – and he knows it!

Tonight, when his uncle came back to the room he asked how his day went and T said ‘I had a lot of visitors today’ and was smiling… he was exhausted too, don’t get me wrong, but you can see his love for everyone through his tired eyes. I feel certain he will rest well tonight! He only took 1 nap today – HAHA he usually takes 2 so he can rest for PT but today he just wanted to spent time with everyone!

He may be tired, but he looks great and is in great spirits!

Please continue to fight for Taylor with us! He loves hearing the comments on the post throughout the day, he usually asks “who was that” or just says “cool” but the appreciation and smile on his face says it all!

SHARE SHARE SHARE and spread the great story that Taylor is creating… he’s one of my hero’s, for sure!!❤️ He’s doing great but has so much more to do! We need everyone’s support! We are excited for each new day and can’t wait for new pennies to fall in the jar!

If you would like a #PenniesForTaylor shirt, please checkout PenniesforTaylor to learn more! Thank you everyone for all of your support and for sharing this burden with us!!!

He was a bit too tired for a personal message today but still checkout the video of his stellar singing 😊 😊… take and look and share the love!

Click Here to Watch the Video


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