July 29th, 2018 – Motivation

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update:

Another great day for Taylor!! He had so many visitors again! We feel the love both virtually and in person!

This is just our second weekend here and we have quickly realized that one of the keys to the weekend is to keep T busy, upbeat and motivated. Not much happens with the therapy staff so the days could seem slow and boring to Taylor.

This weekend was a success for sure! Some folks from Jenni’s work came to visit today ❤️ as well as some of Taylor’s friends – burning up the highway for over a 3 hour drive each way, we just can’t thank them enough! It means the world… literally!

Motivation is key and quite possibly the most important part of this part of the recovery! It’s a long road and we will need it each day, thank you for helping by sharing, liking, commenting, etc – please share the post with friends, or just share his miraculous story! It’s not over… and we have a lot more to do!! Thank you!!!

Another cool thing is if you want to send cards with/without a penny – they are a lot of fun and motivational (and great for therapy 😉 )– you can send those to Taylor Dorward c/o Chris Downs 2115 South Converse Drive Florence, SC 29505 More info can be found at PenniesForTaylor.com

As the days and weeks start to pass us by, we can feel a little impatient. The videos really help see just how much Taylor has progressed over just the past week! I mean heck, it was only on Monday when he started talking with a ‘Hey’ – Jenniferand I were so emotional just hearing that one word… and here we are just a few days later, and he’s rattling off everything about anything! It’s amazing and we can’t wait to see how he does this week – he’s determined, that’s for sure!

We will work hard on keeping him motivated, but we need you in our corner – please continue to encourage him in any way you can!!! Prayers, messages, cards, good vibes, etc – he needs every bit of motivation he can get! We read the comments, notes, messages and cards to him – he really enjoys that!

I know this… if I was in his shoes, I would have felt like giving up long ago.. his determination is amazing!! Thankfully he has a heart of gold and a passion to persevere… and the support system it takes to help get it done! #Facebook is a lot of things… but for T, during this Journey, it has been wonderful!

Just a quick shout out to someone over the weekend who really has been a motivator for Taylor – his name is Jay and he is one of the team members here. T quickly connected with him and I think the same is true visa versa. All the staff here is wonderful… but I really see how T takes Jay’s words and how they motivate him to do more!! Thanks Jay!

Just a quick video today but check out Taylor skiing down the hallway… his idea, not ours! Also, a quick message about how he’s excited about tomorrow

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