July 30th, 2018 – Monday’s Aren’t So Bad

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Monday’s Aren’t So Bad

Taylor had a little bit of a rough night and was pretty tired today. Despite being tired, he managed to show off a little and the pennies were falling all day long

The weekend is now behind us so ST/PT/OT resumed and as a result, we have some cool stuff to share!! WHOO HOOO!!

ST: His therapist was really impressed today by how much T is jabbing away since Friday! He makes her laugh and I know how much she cares about his success! Good news.. no feeding tube tonight! T has been doing such a great job eating.. and just today eating on HIS OWN!! Even though he can’t see, he is finding the spoon, and feeding himself… he does this with his drink now too!!! It was a great day seeing him reach a new level of ‘independence’ – PENNY!!!!! He does still really enjoy being fed by Momma and Sissy though

OT: OT was involved in some of the eating exercises today, PLUS they played a game working on his dexterity and shape recognition with his hands. Like usual, and no offense to the great OT team here, T doesn’t seem as interested in OT as PT… he likes to work and hear us cheer so maybe we need to cheer more during OT LOL PENNY!

PT: All weekend long Taylor was wanting to walk… but today was about the next step in independence for him… he was ‘signed off’ to be able to move from the bed to the chair – checkout the video of him practicing! He can’t do this alone yet but that means NO MORE LIFT!!!! PENNY!!

For a Monday, I thought it was great! For as much as I dislike Monday’s, Taylor certainly didn’t care… just another day of progress!! I hope your Monday was great too!!

To close off the day, T invited Samm to come watch a movie with him and share some cheesecake! He never offers me any cheesecake!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‰ The bond between those two dorks is amazing and Samm is a terrific sister!!!

No feeding tube tonight.. which means he can lay flat to sleep – he is excited about that! Remember the little things!! THEY REALLY DO MATTER!

Please continue to fight with us!! We have a long way to go and although the little things are very valuable, we still need you!! PLEASE!!!!

I can’t wait for tomorrow!! IT WILL BE AWESOME!!!!!!


Click Here to Watch the Video


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