August 1st, 2018 – I’m Good

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: I’m good

Taylor continues to fight and work very hard! He is often very excited about getting right back to work… he is also excited about nap time LOL

He was cleared to take all his medications orally instead of tube! PENNY!

Taylor’s diet was upgrade to level 3! PENNY!

PT/OT/ST – He’s really starting to see the benefits of his determination and so are we!

I will let the video speak about his hard work today (and some fun) during therapy 🙂 SO MANY PENNIES!!

IMPORTANT update about tomorrow – T was scheduled for surgery on Aug 8th to remove scar tissue from his throat – it’s a big contributor to his cough and could cause serious problems down the road if we do not get it removed.

The ENT Dr. had a cancellation for tomorrow so he will have that surgery bright and early tomorrow (Thursday 8/2) morning. As you can imagine, Jennifer and I are nervous but glad to have it sooner than later so he can get the trach out sooner. But like I said, we are nervous and need your help!

Please think of Taylor and everyone involved in this procedure. It will be early tomorrow and he will spend tomorrow night in the ICU (planned and standard). Please send everything you got his way to help him through it!

He had an amazing day of milestone achievements and SO MANY PENNIES!!!

I am 100% certain that once he recovers from the surgery tomorrow, he will be right back to filling up the jar!

Please keep fighting with us! We need you all in our corner, and tomorrow morning… if you have some down time, send some love his way!!!

As for tonight, help us celebrate his SUCCESSFUL DAY!!!!!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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