August 2nd, 2018 – I C U

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: I C U

Taylor had a great week this week, very busy each day and lots of pennies along the way – please be sure to check out my page or PenniesforTaylor for recent updates!

As I mentioned last night, Taylor was to have surgery today. That surgery was originally scheduled for next week but they had a cancellation and T was first on the list.

Jennifer and I knew the surgery was coming but felt we had a lot of time to process the risks, the surgery itself, and the recovery. Coming up so fast felt very overwhelming. As you can imagine, we were nervous.

Being nervous made us really REALLY appreciate all the penny moments we have had over the past month. Recognizing and appreciating all the tiny little things leaves us with a profound appreciation for everything that has happened since July 4th. They really do add up, and each and every tiny part means so much to us!

He is such a remarkable person with the most considerate and compassionate heart, the world would not be the same without him. We thank God every day for giving him back to us! We welcome each challenge and are excited about getting right back at recovery!

The team feels T may be back to therapy as early as tomorrow! PENNY!

He came out of surgery a bit terrified.. I know I would be too but even more so if I couldn’t see. It breaks my heart to know how fearful he was… it was all better once he heard Momma’s voice 🙂

We are fortunate that there is an ICU right in the rehab center so we didn’t have to ‘move’ far… he will be here overnight as a precaution. Everything looks great and we pray it continues through the night! PENNY!

The Dr and therapy team feel like this shouldn’t slow him down much, and I know Taylor is determined to get back to work. I also know he is hungry 🙂 Hopefully he will get cleared to eat soon!

He can’t talk yet after the surgery… but he is writing legibly on a dry erase board! Small words but still! PENNY!

Tomorrow will be awesome! As the weekend approaches, his friends are already making movements to come spend time with him! They are terrific and I know he loves their company! It may be quieter around here so he can get some good rest, but I feel certain there will be singing and laughing, for sure! PENNY!

On the way from recovery to the ICU, Taylor softly ‘mouthed’ to his Momma: “I see you” ❤️ His vision has been making tiny… and I mean TINY appearances here and there, often blurry and for short periods of time, but still.. some is better than none and I feel like his brain is healing and trying to figure this out, and I am so excited each time he tells us!

I know that if T had a choice of what he could see, or who he could see… the first thing would be his Momma! I’m so glad he gets that chance, even if it is blurry or fast! He loves her so much!

Please check back tomorrow and I am hopeful we will have some awesome things to share through video and text!

We love you all! Keep fighting with us, tomorrow is a new day and we CAN.NOT.WAIT!

Taylor will have some extra downtime so please send all the comments of love and encouragement through texts, messages and comments below!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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