August 4th, 2018 – One Step At A Time

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: One Step at a time

Saturdays are a lot of fun for Taylor… I know he loves therapy but he loves seeing his friends and family!

Today was a little dose of both! He had two sessions of PT today and he rocked them both! He also had some of his best friends and closest family! PENNY!

Bicycling and some good strong work with his feet! Check out the video to see what he did that added MANY pennies to the jar today! Show him some love!

Jennifer, Samantha & Joshua had some time out of the building today to do some shopping and have some much needed time together! Taylor asked about them frequently but was pretty easily distracted by his great friends and family! ❤️

Many of the staff asked where Jennifer was today – when I told them, they were all smiles and very glad to hear she is getting out more and more!

Tomorrow will be another AWESOME DAY!!! He will see a few more friends and spend some time OFF the floor and in the family lounge! WHAT!?!?! PENNY!!!

Please keep fighting with us for Taylor! His daily progress is incredible but we also recognize the daily challenges that we (his family, friends and supporters) need to address and battle through with him! We take it one day… or one step at a time. Many days present brand new challenges while most days still have some lingering things that we need to work through!

Your continued love, prayers, shares, comments and other positive support will forever be appreciated!

His trouble sleeping and his vision are definitely top of our concern list! We are also thinking about his kidneys a little – nothing to be concerned about but we will follow up with the team here to be sure 🙂

We love you all!! If you are dealing with any challenges in life, please find encouragement from Taylor’s Journey! Love the little things.. .they really matter… don’t let it overwhelm you and just take it one step at a time!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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One of my goals through sharing the updates is to share T’s determination, spirit, and story, with as many people as possible! Not only to help him, but to help others too! Please join me in this effort! Share on Facebook and on Twitter

Click Here to Watch the Video

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