August 6th, 2018 – Right, Not Rushed

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Right, not rushed

The day started a little different for T today. No Mom and Dad for the morning therapies! While Mom and Dad were busy getting adjusted to a new dedicated time for work responsibilities, Sissy and Nan took over for the morning, and he did great! PENNY!

As Taylor continues to kick A and take names with his rehab, we are finding more time (a big thanks to Samm and my Mom for today’s trial run 😊 ) to dedicate toward other things… a little more time with each other and naturally, since we both love our jobs, getting back more and more to work. This adjustment will be slow but steady as Taylor’s Journey continues to follow down this long road! We are VERY grateful to our teams for helping us through this time in our lives!

As Jennifer and I sat across from one another at a table in our apartment… both hammering away at the keyboard and taking calls, it reminded me of a time when we worked side by side years ago. Not many spouses can do that, we were able to (not sure if we could anymore LOL) and we loved it! It was really nice to have that feeling again – even though it was ‘work’, it made me smile and kept me motivated. It’s amazing what a little bit of reality can do – it was very refreshing! 🙂

Samm and Nan gave a full report, sort of like shift-change LOL – it went very well and we will keep trying this throughout the week. PENNY!

He did great in his therapies today! He really loves PT with Liz. She’s a ‘some nonsense’ but strict therapist, he likes that. He smiles, and she makes jokes, but when it comes to it… it’s got to be right, not rushed, and we are grateful for that! He likes that too: He considers those things a challenge and he really tries his best! PENNY!

Over the weekend we had some teeny tiny moments (all Penny moments!) of improvement in his sight. Seeing colors and accurately identifying colors. The distance has to be right, and it’s blurry and doesn’t last long… but hey, we will take every penny we can get! Please keep his sight on your mind. His eyes are very healthy but the brain damage continues to interfere. I feel like he’s healing… and I get excited about those pennies but at the same time, I know it needs a lot patience, prayers and positive thinking!

Earlier, I mentioned a small concern about his kidneys… all is good, no cause for concern! PENNY!

Taylor still can’t speak. Nothing wrong, still just from the surgery last week. He squeaks out a soft Mom and Dad every now and then but in a few days they will switch out the trach for a cuff-less trach – we feel sure he will be singing in no time! ❤️

Personal Reminder: Right, not rush – it applies to me too.

Things sure seemed quieter today than they did over the weekend, but it was back to work so it stayed busy for everyone. Taylor did enjoy some good down time with one of his best friends Nick. Nick spends a lot of time with us through the week, we will miss him when he goes back to college! He works during the day and spends time with T as the evening grows older, listening to baseball games, playing catch, and listening to music. PENNY!

Tomorrow will be AWESOME!!! I hope your week started off strong! Are you ready for tomorrow? Taylor is! LET’S DO THIS TOGETHER!

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