August 7th, 2018 – Broken Record

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Broken Record

T had a good night’s rest, showered, then off right away to breakfast and therapy. The day for him does not stop until around 6 pm. Around 6, shift change starts to get into full swing: people stopping into check on him, prepping for the time of day where day turns into night…

As the clock turns from 7 to 8, it seems like things start to slow down. He gets tired and starts to try to settle in for the night. His brain injury keeps him awake a bit longer than he would like (us too) but, rest assured, rest does happen 😊

That is basically the same every day… the details change, but the cycle is pretty much the same.

Thankfully the details change every day. Little by little. Penny by Penny. Without those details… sometimes tiny.. the days would blend together, and the day would feel like a broken record… Scratch, repeat, scratch, repeat, scratch, repeat.

The jar gets heavier as T does brand new things since his accident. If you look at it, or feel it, just after one penny, you couldn’t tell the difference.

It would just seem the same with one more penny as it did without that penny.

So how do we feel progress from day to day and make sure we recognize those pennies, even if it’s just one?

Well, you move past the ‘feel bad’, and move toward the ‘feel good’. You celebrate each and every little thing, no matter how small, no matter how light… you celebrate them!

Sharing Taylor’s Journey and his daily progress is something I don’t take lightly. Since this happened, we have made sure to find each and every good thing we could find… Celebrate them, which helps us remember them, and remembering them makes them easier to count.

Find them. Celebrate them. Remember them. Count them.

I refuse to let each day seem like the one before. It is through that refusal, and the power of prayer… and the power of positive thinking, that gets me through each day and remind myself that tomorrow will be better than today!

Taylor had a great day, like he did yesterday. It’s not a broken record. It’s not being taken for granted… it’s sought after… it’s desired… it’s real.

A great day does not mean we don’t need your help. We do! The road is so long… we will need to fill our tank up over and over again. Please keep fighting with us!

Someone asked me today “How long will you do the daily updates?” At that moment, I just said.. “I don’t know.”

I’ve been thinking of my answer all day.

The reality is that I love having the opportunity to share and celebrate Taylor’s tiny accomplishments each day. As long as we need your help… and someone is willing to listen, I am willing to share each day as we celebrate this gift we have been given!

Please keep sending all your love, prayers, positive vibes and anything else good you can think of! We STILL need your help! Please think of Taylor, his vision, his brain damage, and his morale.❤️

We love you all! Check out the video for some cool stuff T did today, if you look closely, you will see that he is standing on his own holding on to the arm cycle! PENNY! PENNY! PENNY!

Find them. Celebrate them. Remember them. Count them
Find them. Celebrate them. Remember them. Count them
Find them. Celebrate them. Remember them. Count them

Now that is a broken record I like to hear!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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