August 8th, 2018 – 5 Weeks

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: 5 Weeks

Taylor had a day full of fun stuff! He slept well, showered, brushed his own teeth (PENNY!) and then was off to breakfast!

Seeing his progress is amazing every day, but even more so on days like today. It’s been 5 weeks since he nearly drowned. The doctors estimate he was without oxygen for 15-20 minutes. For nearly 2 weeks we were unsure of his chance of even surviving… and 5 weeks later, I get to share these exciting and wonderful things! It’s amazing to watch, it’s amazing to think about. I’ve said it before… I feel like watching him is a firsthand account of watching a miracle!!!!

What happened has nothing to do with what will happen… and T continues to prove that each and every day!

During OT, Taylor had a surprise/bonus session – Pet Therapy!!! He loves dogs and as you can see in the video, they love him! All 3 were attached to him for over 20 minutes but the lab really took T as his own 😊 Finding himself on Taylor’s lap and even having to be pulled away from T when it was time for them to go. I hope he gets more chances for pet therapy… seeing him smile during pet therapy was one of the best moments so far! PENNY!

For ST we did some trial foods for hopefully upgrading to a regular diet and worked on some enunciating skills – not so much ‘fun’ as it is good therapy, but T didn’t mind eating a Sausage and Egg Bagel LOL

PT – WOW, PT he rocked it again today. He had a chance to do the treadmill and LOVED IT!! Music in the background… finding his ‘groove’ and walking on… WE LOVE IT TOO!!! PENNY!! He also did stairs and YOGA today… what a busy day!!

The PT guy said that, out of all the ‘first time’ experiences he has had with patients, Taylor did the best out of everyone he has ever had! PENNY!

We are REALLY hoping that the Dr. will approve switching out his trach for the cuff-less trach so he can talk again – he misses it and we sure do too!

Yesterday, Taylor had spent some time making his Sissy a Tie Dye shirt… it turned out great and Samantha loves it! I’ll try to catch her in a photo wearing it tomorrow! PENNY!

I never in a million tears would have thought that 5 weeks after this happened, we would have this type of joy and excitement!!!!

Please continue to share Taylor’s Journey with others! The love that we receive is so important to all of us and I know for sure, that it’s a significant part of the reason T is here working hard today! THANK YOU!

I can’t wait for tomorrow – there are a lot of things just waiting to be accomplished and pennies to be found!!❤️❤️

Please PLEASE PLEASE!!! Continue to send prayers, love and positive thoughts for Taylor’s continued rehabilitation… including, and especially, his vision! It is something we are just SO hopeful for but we recognize it will take time.. and a TON of help from everyone so that our prayers are heard!

While thinking of Taylor, take some time to recognize the things that happened to you today that are worth celebrating… even if they are small, they still count!!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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