August 9th, 2018 – I’m Here For The Hard Times

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: I’m here for the hard times

What a fantastic and exciting day!! As I start tonight’s update, it’s already hard to see my monitor through my wet eyes. 😊

Taylor did SO many different things today I just couldn’t get them all in the video so I picked some of my favorites!

Here is just a highlight of his day – I think it just might have been the best day yet during Taylor’s Journey!

ST: Taylor is now able to eat… REGULAR food!! YES!!! He asked right away about a Steak… we weren’t prepared for that but maybe tomorrow! PENNY!!

OH MY GOSH, I can’t believe I talked about the food first… he had his trach switched for a cuff-less trach… so Mr. Jabber Jaw was back in full swing right around lunch time!!! PENNY!!

He said he thought he sounded weird – it’s been a week since he talked so we had to remind him about the vibrations of the speaking valve and the therapy he needs for enunciation etc, he responded with … “cool.” 😊

It didn’t take long for him to start singing… I know he loves it, we do too! Jennifer and I have always encouraged the kids to sing… never be ashamed of your voice, tone, knowing the words… never! Just sing! Car rides, walking down the hall, yes – showers too… singing has always been something we all do, like it or not, we are going to be heard! And today… he was heard… and I have a feeling he will enjoy some duets with his Aunt this weekend 😊

OT: So today, some upper body strength training and a little bit of vision exercises! We explained to OT some of the things we have been seeing with slight color recognition… so they gave it a shot using uno cards… and he did great! He says he can’t see them but somehow he knows the color when it’s up to his eyes… this makes sense because of his brain damage. He was nearly perfect while looking at a card (very close to his eyes) and knowing the color – each response of his had sort of a “question” rise in his voice… like he was unsure of himself. He wasn’t guessing, but he also said he really couldn’t see them. His brain is healing… I. JUST. KNOW. IT!!! PENNY!!!

It may take a very long time until he is able to feel like he can see (the brain is so complex) but in the meantime, we will take every tiny bit of progress we can get, right?!?!?!

PT: Oh boy, what a hard worker he was today! He did the robot again today – he was kind of bored with it LOL go figure – we reminded his PT team that the boy likes his music! 😊 In later PT sessions they used their phones to give him some music motivation. He did great!

Standing up on his own, Sitting down on his own… PENNY PENNY!!! Walking without a walker and just with balance/guidance assistance… PENNY!!

OH, today was also the first day he was able to be strong enough to NOT get back in his bed… not even once!!! PENNY!!!!!!

Yes, this is all just in one day!! 😊 I feel like he will sleep very well tonight, he even said so himself – “I’ll sleep like a baby.” 😊

All of us nutty Dorward’s are big fans of Matchbox Twenty. Their music is a “go to” for us all. For years I always thought the song ‘Hand me down’ was a great way of describing how we lean on each other… I never expressed that to anyone (at least I don’t think I did). Sometimes (Jennifer will laugh at the word ‘sometimes’) I pick certain lyrics out of a song and find my own meaning… and this was one of those songs. Hearing Taylor sing it today made us all very emotional, his choice to sing it… out of all the great MB20 songs… we aren’t sure why (nor did we ask) he wanted that song… but I am so glad he did! PENNY!

So lay all your troubles down…I am with you now
I’m here for the hard times… The straight to your heart times
Whenever it ain’t easy… You can stand up against me
And maybe rely on me,
And cry on me…

Today was not the result of giving up for days on end.. it was a result of his determination and desire to get a little better every day. The road is still so very long… we will be here for a long time… but as long as every day is better than the day before… what more could you ask for?

Thank you for continuing to fight with us and being a part of Taylor’s Journey. Please checkout/like the PenniesforTaylor page for more information on how to send cards to Taylor or contact us through our friends back home!

If you are having a hard time, and reading this… please… please! Let someone know… talk to your family, your friends, or post on this Facebook status if you don’t have anyone you can rely on. I feel certain that there are plenty of people here who are here for your hard times too!

There is good everywhere we look… we just have to ‘see’ it!!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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