August 13th, 2018 – My Way

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: My Way

Taylor woke up tired but quickly found the energy to get his day started off right! Good thing too, he had such a full schedule today haha!

After breakfast… he jumped right into PT with an hour of work on the Treadmill!! He did great! Walked 32 minutes straight!

After the treadmills, a session of OT and ST before he came back to his room for a little break. His Aunt and Uncle and Cousins had to leave today so we spent some time chatting with T and I managed to twist his arm into singing for a little before lunch 😊 PENNY!

We didn’t have much time so I suggested his “go to” (we like the Frank Sinatra songs too because it helps us compare his progress to older videos). You can tell he was a little tired from the busy morning but he managed to find his rhythm and swagger LOL! He did great, sounds so much clearer and his breathing is so much more controlled! PENNY!

For the afternoon sessions, he had some Recreational Therapy and he made his Momma a bamboo planter – it turned out pretty cool – he never did that before and he did great! PENNY!😁

Before the day ended for him, TWO more rounds of PT! He really does enjoy it and works very hard at it too! Squats from different levels and even walking while pushing a shopping cart – with some resistance given by Samm – she’s such a great sister helping all the time! PENNY!

His muscle control has improved so much! When he does the squats, you can tell how much muscle he has gained and how much determination he really has! PENNY!

Earlier in the day when we were talking with T, some of the conversation surrounded how unique his rehabilitation has been… how hard he works… and how successful he has been. I thought it was fitting to title this post ‘My Way’ – because it really does seem like he’s breaking all the barriers and expectations… and he’s doing this his way! I LOVE IT!!!

OMG!!! I almost forgot!!! Taylor got the ‘cap’ on his trach today… this is an awesome ‘next step’ for getting that baby OUT!!! PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!❤️

Please Please PLEASE! Keep sending love, thoughts and prayers for Taylor – specifically his vision!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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