August 14th, 2018 – Don’t Look Down

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Don’t Look Down

Taylor had a very restful night sleep last night! He was so wore out from PT – he fell asleep early and slept through the night. PENNY!

His day was pretty busy, for sure! Jenni and I spent a lot of the day working so Samantha ran the day! It’s so awesome how she just steps right in/up and handles things with such responsibility and care for Taylor. ❤️

Yesterday, his trach was capped so we are moving forward and hopefully getting that bugger out soon! Even if it’s a week or so, we know it’s the right direction, so we’ll take it! PENNY!

Today was exciting because we had another milestone reached… his feeding peg was taken out! For a few days it will be a little sensitive, but I know he is already excited about sleeping on his side! PENNY!

As football season gets closer, he is loving wearing his South Carolina Gamecocks gear… many folks here like other schools but he wears it proudly… they all still cheer for him, and heckle him, he loves that too! It’s all in good fun! 🙂

He spent some time in ST today doing tongue exercises to help improve his speech. I am telling you what… the therapy team here knows their stuff and they don’t leave any stone un-turned! He did great – they said his tongue might get tired as the day gets older… they must not know him that well yet LOL He’s a jabber jaw just the like the rest of us! PENNY!

PT was unique today and I hope this type of experience continues. As Taylor’s vision gets a tiny bit better, they are trying to challenge him and incorporate some vision exercises in with his PT. I LOVE THIS!!

As I mentioned, I wasn’t there to see this first hand, so when I watched the videos, it was brand new to me. I just feel so optimistic about his chances to see again! The brain damage is heaviest in his vision center, so we just must be patient, optimistic and hopeful!

We have seen slight improvements here and there, but this morning Taylor, for the first time, felt as though he could see a bit better. He could see that sissy’s shorts were pink. Color recognition has been something he has been able to do, but VERY close to his eyes. This was a bit further away and he nailed it! PENNY! He also said he could see the shape/outline of Samm’s face. PENNY!

For about a week we have noticed that he can recognize certain lighting. When the light’s on, he can usually tell… when we go into a hallway, he can ‘sense’ it’s darker. Things like that. All of this ‘comes and goes’ – gone more often than present.

Today was the first time the therapy team tried incorporating vision into his walking therapy. When I watched the videos ya’ll… I’m not going to lie. I lost it! I am so excited to see him working on his vision like he does his physical therapy! His attitude during this is upbeat too, which I love. It’s not easy for him during down time… trust me… it gets to him, but seeing how he was trying so hard and working with the therapist… man oh man. He just impressed me so much every single day! PENNY!

His vision is heavy on our hearts… but today we added a few pennies specifically for his vision… if there is anything I learned throughout Taylor’s Journey is that those pennies matter. They are not a fundraiser… they are an awareness raiser! Here is to more pennies for his vision in the days and weeks to come!

Please PLEASE keep fighting with us and sharing Taylor’s Journey with others! There is power in numbers, and we need everyone fighting with us! We love hearing all the comments from across the country and internationally!

Today was a recharge for our hope for his vision, I’m not sure if he feels the same excitement but I know even if he doesn’t… he will keep his head up and drive on! The road is long and filled with all sorts of obstacles but with your help, we can find out way!! Please keep sending prayers, love and positive thoughts his way!!!

Pennies are not always visible… but they are there!
Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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