August 15th, 2018 – It’s The Effort That Counts

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: It’s the effort that counts

First thing this morning, as soon as I get into Taylor’s room, I can tell he was in a good mood! I asked how he slept, and he said “Pretty good, actually.” I was so glad to hear him have such a night sleep! Brain injury patients are known for rough night’s sleep and we have had our nights… but all in all, we have been pretty fortunate.

Another busy day was before him and he certainly seemed like he was up to it!

He is doing great on the trach ‘cap’ and no issues with the peg removal! PENNY! A few people mentioned he might get the trach out next week!! He doesn’t get too excited… just a ‘cool’ showing his agreement. LOL Meanwhile, we are all excited and looking forward to that time!

Like I mentioned yesterday, his therapists are incorporating vision exercises more and more lately and today continued that mindset. PENNY!

During OT, T was given a few solid color objects, and he had to identify their colors. He did great! He gets colors right most of the time but this time it was from a few feet away so that is a big deal! He also recognized small amounts of movements and a few shapes (he’s a nerd… so rhombus… not diamond.. the therapist had to look it up… admittedly, I did too LOL) PENNY!

Speech therapy had a bit more tongue exercises… checkout the video to see how he remembered yesterday’s results and compared them to today! PENNY!

PT is always fun for him… it is his favorite… except for yoga… he really doesn’t like it LOL That’s ok, he still does it and tries his best. He also had a great session on the treadmill! No handrails!! PENNY!

During other PT times today, he had to do leg lifts. This was in a group PT session – so he had another brain injury patient join him. Taylor is rocking and rolling through PT while others are just getting started or are having some troubles. He doesn’t see others progress, so he usually doesn’t mention anything… today was different. His partner for PT was trying to do leg lifts right beside him, and she was struggling… she was sad because she could barely get her leg up high… Taylor, in true Taylor form, simply reminded her “It’s OK, it’s the effort that counts!”

Taylor’s encouraging words to his partner during PT are just a tiny example of who he is and how he cares for others. He makes us all proud for his recovery efforts but even prouder for how he cares about others.

In other PT news… 😊 Samm was cleared to walk T on her own! The two of them have been spending some QT together before sissy heads off to college for the fall so adding walks in the mix will be fun for both of them. They will miss each other so I predict many many facetime calls 😊

“It’s the effort that counts” – Let’s all take those words to heart… sometimes we fall short… sometimes we struggle… but in the end, it’s the effort that counts. Thanks son. I needed that reminder today! I love you!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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