August 20th, 2018 – No Strings

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: No strings

Taylor said his sleep last night was the best yet! He’s so optimistic and I really feel like he’s trying to recognize each and every step in the right direction too! Sometimes his motivation stumbles a little… it’s not easy, but it is wonderful having so many people in our corner to help him through! Jennifer and I are so lucky to have such an amazing support team!

Today was a VERY special day 😊 and all of these cool things happening on a dear friend’s birthday! Miss Melissa, Taylor loves you and so do we! Happy Birthday!! We hope you had a great day!!! ❤️

Taylor’s therapy was a little light today… not for any negative reason, but for a good reason!

For 6.5 weeks he has had either a tube or a trach. Today, IT’S GONE!!! 😊 PENNY! PENNY! PENNY!!!

What an incredible milestone for him and all of us sharing our love, thoughts and prayers for him! THANK YOU ALL!

We are far from ‘done’ but wow, what a giant achievement for everyone who has helped him down this road… but especially for Taylor! I know he is VERY excited about this and so are we!!

No trach… also mean… NO Telemetry! That little ‘gameboy’ like device he’s been carrying around, stuck to his chest.. it was very important, but he no longer needs it either!!! PENNY! PENNY! PENNY!!

No trach, no telemetry… no strings to hold him down! So, today, he and his therapy team went for a walk out in town and went to get some lunch! LEFT THE HOSPITAL!!!! HE WALKED THERE!!! PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!!

What an incredible day for him, so many new things to celebrate!!

He played some games during therapy too, and he did great, but I can’t get past these exciting things!

Tomorrow will be AWESOME!!! I JUST KNOW IT!!! In the meantime, please join me in celebrating these awesome NEW things for him!!

The road is long, and we continue to need you, your thoughts, your love, your prayers… especially for his vision! Please keep them coming, but I think today deserves a little hooting and hollering, wouldn’t you agree?

The video of a few photos wouldn’t load so I am just attaching them here! I hope you like them!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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