August 25th, 2018 -The Great Outdoors

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: The Great Outdoors

Taylor had another great night sleep!! Today was full of down time… TV, music, chatting, games… and maybe a little bit of a nap too 😊

Today he spent more time outside then he has any other day in over 7 weeks… PENNY!

He played bocce ball with some other patients – for not being able to see, he did pretty well with his accuracy, judging sound and distance… he was on the red team.. and the red team won! 😊 PENNY!

For lunch today, Jennifer and I took Taylor up the street to Jimmy Johns! We had a therapist join us (we can’t go on our own just yet) but it was a nice walk and it was great to be outside! We had to bring it back to the hospital to eat because the therapist had another appointment, but that is OK.. the subs were good and T enjoyed it!

Momma had some ‘her’ time today.. Very rare and much deserved!! So Taylor and I were on our own for a few hours… he cracked a few ‘don’t leave me alone with him’ jokes to the staff… LOL they get a kick out of his humor… so do we! We love him so much!!!

We had a good time roaming the hallways and having dinner. He did great navigating himself around in the chair.. using the light and shadows to tell where he was – we had a lot of fun… maybe too much fun LOL PENNY!

In the video… right at the end of him going through the halls… I stopped recording before he said “Not Bad” – he was pretty proud of himself! PENNY!

The weekend is already half in the books… tomorrow… more resting but maybe a trip to the gym!

Oh, he also enjoyed some Tim Tams – a treat sent by a good friend of mine from Australia! Thanks David!! T and Jennifer loved them! ❤️

We all hope you have had a great weekend so far!! Monday is right around the corner! We are all looking forward to the start of the new week!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Please continue to support Taylor with your thoughts love and prayers!! IT MEANS SO MUCH!!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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