August 26th, 2018 – How Are You Doing?

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: How are you doing

Another good night’s sleep! T said today that it was his best yet – he’s said that before… so it’s great news that he feels that his sleep gets better and better! We are SO appreciative of this! He and Momma had some fun before he fell asleep… I’ll let the pics speak for themselves LOL

We planned on resting for the weekend… and today was filled with resting LOL

Throughout the day we went on a few walks and ‘rides’ for meal time or just out of boredom. He is getting very good at using the little light/darkness vision he has and combining it with sounds and memory… it’s pretty remarkable to watch!

Nearly everywhere we went, there was always someone stopping to say hello to Taylor. He’s a local celebrity 😊 In the hallways, elevators, cafeteria, or just random places throughout the hospital… someone is saying hello Taylor. Not just hello, but specifically his name. They are always happy to see him and asking “how are you?”

I usually stand there and just let him engage and today I realized just how engaged he gets… one family reminded him that they met yesterday (they knew he couldn’t see) and he quickly remembered their daughters name. They were all smiles when he remembered her name! He asked if she was there with them, and they said “no, she is back in the room”. He was quick to say “Tell her I said hello” – I watched them all smile with appreciation. He introduced me to them, and reminded them that I am not as good looking as he is, and that I will get there… with practice… maybe. 😊

Deep sigh… this kid… he is so selfless and caring… everyone he talks to feels his genuine compassion. As parents, Jennifer and I are so proud of this for all of our kids, but in this moment, today, T just reminds us over and over how much he cares for others. ❤️

This happened several times… a few people in the cafeteria… talking about his smile, about his personality… and he just goes on either thanking them or making them smile with a goofy comment or joke LOL

Nurses, therapists, even other patients… they just all love him, and it seems very obvious to me.

When all this first happened… it was his personality that I hurt for the most – his love, his kindness, his care… his humor, his selflessness…

I know he can’t see much… and I feel VERY optimistic about its continued improvement and his potential to regain his sight… but today I was reminded just how lucky we are to have all the wonderful things that make Taylor… Taylor.

It’s not money, or stuff… it’s things that you can’t see or touch… well, unless he’s giving you one of the best hugs in the world – that’s what he calls them… and he’s right. 😊

Please PLEASE keep sending love, thoughts and prayers for his continued rehabilitation and his vision! We NEED every one of them!!

Tomorrow is Monday, and he is SO ready for the full schedule that awaits him… no complaints, no gripes… in fact, he’s looking forward to it!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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