August 27th – Keep Climbing

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Keep Climbing

Good night’s sleep… CHECK! Ready for the busy week… CHECK!! Breaking records and dropping pennies like they are hot… CHECK CHECK!! 😊

T crushed it today… I mean, I am in awe every time I think about it!

Throughout the day he managed to make sure everyone he came in contact with knew how humble and kind he is… telling stories… accepting compliments but not bragging… encouraging others… thanking staff for their help… deep sigh… I am so taken back by him, even while carrying so many challenges on his shoulders… he just loves life and loves engaging with other people.

Today’s schedule was crazy busy! He only had a brief break for lunch, and even then he was on the clock… no dilly dallying LOL He enjoyed his Mac and Cheese… telling his lunch friends that his mom makes sure he always has mac and cheese… he’s right… she does, and it doesn’t go underappreciated Jennifer! 😊

PT – We walked around the hospital… not the hospital floor.. THE HOSPITAL! Outside.. no walker… assisted for balance, but it was awesome! Uphill… a lot! On gravel and loose stones… a lot! For about 45 minutes and he ended it with a one last climb… sweating… but VERY proud of himself when he did it! PENNY!

ST – breaking his tongue compression records… by A LOT!! His therapist had to raise the pressure and increase his time, just to keep him challenged. PENNY! When she complimented him, he just smiled and said “Thank you” – privately he bragged to me about it… he was very proud of himself, and he should be!!

OT – killing it on the hand bike, going over 1.5 miles while standing.. and oh yeah, conquering one more challenge that he has been struggling with for a few weeks… he was able to cross his legs! PENNY! This may not seem that important… but it’s one of those things we take for granted… especially when putting on socks 😉

Some more PT … yup, no problem! How about breaking his record on the treadmill… 88% of his own body weight.. and for 36 minutes!! He was tired at 31… but wanted to break the record… could have stopped at 35, but pressed on to 36… smiling the whole time because the therapist was so impressed… ‘Look at you!’ 😊 She said next time they will need to do uphill just to keep challenging him.. how did he respond? You might have guessed… ‘Cool’ 😊

By the end of the day he was ready for some food and some Momma time, I don’t blame him – he was a champion today! He wore his gamecocks shirt even though it was over 90 degrees outside… LOL This makes me chuckle… Liz said, why did you wear such a heavy shirt… he said it was my last Gamecock shirt clean. It really wasn’t, but that’s what he wore, and I don’t think he cared. He counts the days until kickoff… This weekend is his birthday weekend and he said he knows the team will win, because they always win on his birthday! LOL I don’t know how true this is but we will just go with it 😉 South Carolina Gamecocks

If anyone wants to send him birthday cards or a birthday message/note, please do! The address is Taylor Dorward c/o Chris Downs 2115 South Converse Drive Florence, SC 29505! He is turning 19!! WOW!

Such a long day, just when I think he’s done, he just keeps climbing. Not just uphill’s, but in his heart. T looked so happy today! It amazes me how many ‘stats’ he keeps up with – he knew he was breaking a record before they told them… each time.

He wants to get better… and he’s tracking it… which is AWESOME!!! I take away a good life lesson from that, and I will constantly keep challenging myself to keep climbing!

I hope you all had a great day and found all the motivation you need… or maybe just enough motivation… either way, keep pushing… and keep climbing!! One penny is all it takes to make today better than yesterday! It takes JUST ONE!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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