August 29th, 2018 – Jogging

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Jogging

Taylor had good night’s rest again last night! Maybe not quite as good as other nights because he was a teeny bit cranky today, but then again, we all are now and then 😊

Today was a busy day! He is getting discharged from inpatient tomorrow and he will have ‘graduation’ from inpatient therapy before continuing outpatient therapy here next week! Graduation? Yes, YES!!! Such an incredible milestone for him to celebrate tomorrow! HIS LAST DAY IN A HOSPITAL!! WE CANNOT WAIT!!

With the plans for transitioning to outpatient came a LOT of testing – this will help measure his progress and set a new starting point for the outpatient team! It’s the same facility and the key difference will be that he gets to live with us in our short term apartment until outpatient is complete! PENNY!!!

He did ST, OT and PT testing… and ended the day with some treadmills (which he loves!). Today, he got up to a JOG!! Not sure if it was the first time but he looked great so I’m throwing a penny in the jar! 😊 PENNY!

He also enjoyed a nice visit from Jennifer‘s friend and colleague!!

Tomorrow will be a very VERY exciting day… graduation… no cap and gown or long speech.. (well, I might make one LOL) but T will be celebrating his graduation with his therapy team and fellow patients. I will be carrying tissues for all of us witnessing the little celebration… Taylor will be carrying his pride and a great big smile!

Outpatient therapy is even more scheduled therapy sessions – this is so exciting for all of us! I know he will excel and continue to grow! ❤️

While we are very excited about tomorrow, we will never forget how we got here, and how we got through this part of our lives and his rehabilitation. So many people, including all our friends, family and supporters… both in person and online!! ❤️

There is much more to come, but for now, we will take some time to celebrate T’s graduation! I will be sure to have pics tomorrow to share with everyone!!!

In true T fashion, his last walk to the cafeteria… was another first. He walked there… without a walker. PENNY!!!!!

We will continue to celebrate each and every tiny step forward! His graduation doesn’t mean we get off this long road, we just had a slight turn to the right… many more miles to go… that’s OK… I just hope the toll booth at the exit ramp takes pennies… because we will have a TON OF THEM!!

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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