August 31st, 2018 – Graduation Day, Part 2

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Graduation, Part 2

Taylor is enjoying his down time resting and preparing for his birthday weekend! Not to mention that tomorrow is Kick Off for Carolina Football! We are also cheering on the Gilbert Indians tonight!!!! We look forward to being able to attend a game before the season is over to see all of his Gilbert friends! #BeatLexington #GoGilbert

A lot of resting and joking around… trying to pass the time until we get some time to see our friends and family tomorrow and Sunday!!

I wanted to share some additional photos and videos from yesterday’s Graduation! Jennifer and I are still beaming with pride, so please indulge us 😉

Shortly after the little ceremony, T made a dash for the door in his wheelchair… after we went to the apartment for a little while, he walked out… yup, walked! He was walking because we were leaving campus for the first time on our own!!! Let me say it again… HE WALKED OUT!!!!! Such a good feeling for all of us!!! PENNY!

Taylor was getting hungry, so we stopped off for his first ‘out on our own’ meal… McDonald’s! He said, and I quote… “You just can’t beat McDonald’s fries.” I agree!

It was a lot of first for us, first time out without professionals… first time in the car… first time getting out of the car… first time in public spaces on our own. PENNY PENNY PENNY!!

All in all it went very well and he enjoyed our first outing!

The weekend will be over before we know it but we are going to take advantage of our little bit of freedom and celebrate his birthday visiting with friends and family!!

We will celebrate Labor Day quietly and rest up for his big first day of the outpatient program! 5.5 Hours of therapy!! He’s excited… so are we… but in the meantime, a little personal freedom is VERY exciting too 😊

Taylor would love to continue to get cards and hear from you all cheering him on, both online and in person! If you would like to send cards, please do! Even though we are moving to outpatient, the address is the same: Taylor Dorward c/o Chris Downs 2115 South Converse Drive Florence, SC 29505

I hope you have had a great start to your weekend! It’s never a bad time to find the good in something… find your pennies and celebrate them!!!

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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