September 6th, 2018 – Setting Goals

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Setting Goals

I fixed the AC in the apartment yesterday, so it wasn’t as warm last night! YES!! We all had a much better night sleep… including Shyla 😊

Taylor had a pretty busy day! When we first started outpatient, each therapy team asked for goals for Taylor… and they quickly put those into a plan.

ST worked on his vocabulary/speech strength by challenging him with tongue twisters. Sally sells shea sells… ahhhh, never mind, you get the point! 😊

OT included even more vision testing/therapy. We absolutely LOVE this! It’s setting a baseline and will help us measure his success throughout the rest of his journey!

Also, in PT… well, they didn’t hold back on adding challenges to meet his goals: Increase awareness in space and balance… BOOM! He loved it!

Several new pennies today, including his first-time shopping! PENNY! He had an ‘OK’ time at the grocery store… but hey, who has fun grocery shopping LOL We had to round up some good food to watch the first NFL game tonight! PENNY!

When the team asked T for his goals, he already had them in mind… yes, we talked about them, as a family, over the weekend, but that was just ideas…and by no means was it our decision. When it came time to discuss goals, he was ready… not in ‘spit fire’ fashion, but more pensive, making sure that he was ‘sure’ that those were his goals. Jennifer and I have a feeling this will only be round 1 of goals… he’s too determined.

As for tonight… he’s excited about NFL and his fantasy football teams… I am too. He worked hard today, and the game will go late into the evening… so, he planned accordingly… and took a nap! 😊

I have had many people message me about wristbands to support Taylor! Yes, we still have PLENTY! We actually received a new shipment so if you’d like some, please visit the PenniesforTaylor page to learn more or click here for the post: Thank you SO much for supporting T!!

Please PLEASE above all, continue to support him with your love, thoughts and prayers! ❤️

When I set goals, they kind of just sit there… and I remind myself from time to time… oh yeah! I wanted to do that… or it’s ‘on my list’. Maybe I shouldn’t let things linger and start recognizing that goals aren’t meant to be on a list… they are meant to be crossed OFF the list.

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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