September 12th, 2018 – Ten Weeks

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: 10 Weeks

We had such a good day today! Watching T with his therapists is so humbling. He gets along with them so well and they return the kindness. He truly makes the most out of his opportunities, and Jennifer and I are just so proud of him!

Therapy was pretty fun again today! PENNY!! He loved playing family feud during Rec Therapy! What a great idea! We are going to try to get a version for us all to play at home!

OT included more vision exercises… this was a full session. He is challenged with these but we can also note improvements every time!! PENNY!! Taylor’s personality really shines through with his therapists… We are just so lucky to have such great people helping him get better and meet his goals! ❤️

During PT, he spent some time on the treadmill, building endurance and stamina. In the video, take note of the section focusing on his legs/feet. I AM SO IMPRESSED BY THIS!! He has come SO far and he has worked hard for everything he has… but it takes a team.. and his team is awesome!! INCLUDING YA’LL!!!! PENNY!

He also did some balance activities… these aren’t the easiest for him, especially because of his vision, but he pushes and tries hard each time… definitely noticing strong improvements here too! PENNY!

It’s been 10 weeks today since Taylor’s drowning accident. When I think back, or read my Facebook posts from back then, I easily fall back into the darkness that we all had experienced and will continue to be affected by for a very long time.

But then, I look at Taylor today: my heart smiles, my hair stands up, my eyes water, appreciation fills my lungs… and love washes over me.

Connecting the two points in time seems impossible… but it WAS possible. Tiny things every day, moving in the right direction, adding up, slowly but surely… leaving that dark time of our past… right where it belongs. Behind us. Pennies… they all made such a huge impact on Taylor’s future… and his life!

Today’s pennies are just as important as they were when the first penny hit the empty jar… Oh that first penny. I’ll never EVER forget it. The talk with the ‘crew’… the thought behind it, the value it had for anyone who ever met Taylor… and whoever would meet him in the future…it sounded so alone… so insignificant… BUT that was all it took!

Never overlook the tiny things in life!!! Something good is STILL good even when there is bad all around it.

Please keep fighting with us! The road is long, our tank is full… and we continue to need each and every one of you! Please continue to send love, thoughts and prayers for Taylor – they mean so much more than we can ever describe!

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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