September 14th, 2018 – Baseball

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Baseball

Taylor rocked his day today at therapy! He was so upbeat and quick to tell everyone about our weekend plans!

We had music therapy again today. He REALLY enjoys this – so do we – same song today as he is working on it and it’s a great song for breathing and articulation – with mic in hand today, T got into a bit more and responds well to the therapists coaching. The best 45 minutes of the day!!

We were kind of bummed that there was not PT on the agenda today but there were so many other therapies that he took part in… things like learning how to study and prepare for getting back to school! PENNY!!! He will have this a few times and hopefully he will rejoin the classroom in the spring 😊

The vision exercises were a little different today, but they did prove that he was doing better than last week! PENNY!!!!

When we got back from therapy, a bit of a surprise… SAMM is here!!! OK, it was a BIG surprise and he hugged her for a long time! 😊 He misses Josh and Samm so much but is very proud of what they are doing! Samm is here as a precaution for the storm so we get to spend time with her for the weekend! PENNY!

Jennifer and I are thinking a lot of the storm situation and those affected by it, please PLEASE stay safe!! ❤️

We have some busy plans this weekend – tonight, we are going to a baseball game, a great birthday gift from a longtime friend of ours! Thank you!!! He is so excited! It’s his first baseball game since his accident… PENNY!!!

We hope you enjoy your weekend… even with the storm… there are pennies to be found and celebrate!!!

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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