September 15th, 2018 – Score

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Score!

We all slept in a bit today… YES!!! It doesn’t happen often but when we can, we will take full advantage of it 😊

We had such a good time last night at the baseball game! T really enjoyed the atmosphere and the Nationals bullpen was so cool to him! They gave him a ball and kept a watchful eye on him with us throughout the game. Even though they are our competitors (GO BRAVES!), we could tell they cared, and we appreciate that! T enjoyed the ballpark food… this boy can eat!!! His first of so many things last night, carried over into today.

The Gamecock game was cancelled so we had to fill in some activities… so we got a little creative…

I could lose my breathing just TYPING this… so you can imagine how nervous the thought of this made us feel… but BUT Taylor was totally up for it… so…. we went into the POOL for the first time today! He was very comfortable and enjoyed goofing around a little while exercising a little. PENNY PENNY PENNY!!!!

We spent some time in the gym doing some exercises… ya know, curls and stuff LOL He’s such a dork – check out the video to see what I mean 😊

Then… since we had about 30 minutes before the gym/rec center closed up for the weekend… we decided to take a spin at shooting the basketball. He did great at responding to the ball bouncing back to him – sound and some vision (catching motion/movement) helped him catch the ball most times… sometimes it was just a bad throw (me) and sometimes it was just a bad hop LOL

He tried shooting the basketball over and over… determined to make a basket… adjusting and adjusting… never seemed to get frustrated or impatient, just trusted the feedback and tried again. After trying so many times… he made his first basket!!! PENNY!!

We are closing the night up with some board games! Here’s hoping I win this time 😊

Jennifer and I hope your weekend is going well and that the storm hasn’t treated you too badly… we are thinking of everyone who is impacted by the wind, rain and rising waters… please be safe!!!

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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Click Here to Watch the Video

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