September 19th, 2018 – Inconvenient

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Inconvenient

First thing this morning we were woken up by the building fire alarm… no panic… just quick movements to get outside for a few minutes waiting for the all clear. Thankfully it was not a fire, but there was an emergency… someone fell in the stair well! We hope they are OK… at a place filled with people who have had all sorts of injuries and endure all sorts of therapies…deep sigh… I just hope in my heart that they were OK. It’s amazing how at first it seemed inconvenient, but then it felt very real. I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Jennifer and I just don’t want to ever feel inconvenienced by something that may have changed someones life forever. We don’t want to ever overlook how much July 4th impacted our lives forever.

Stopping and reevaluating the real meaning or impact of something shouldn’t be that hard… but it is. Not intentionally, it just is. I’m guilty of it, we are all guilty of it! We often only see things in a very narrow way… how it effects ‘me’.

A famous saying we all know “Never take things for granted” – I don’t know anyone who would disagree with this saying… but the reality is, we DO take things for granted, and we only pay attention to that “saying” when something happens to forcefully remind us! Those things in life that force fear into the foreground… pain that hurts so much you can see it in someone’s eyes even when they are smiling.

We don’t really live by that saying… we believe it, but we don’t live it. Living it, well, it is inconvenient.

I will have time for that later, or I need to do this now… constantly putting things off that REALLY should not be put off… for the sake of something that seems important… but in the grant scheme of things… isn’t all that important!

Why do we only accept focusing on the important things in life when they are nearly taken from us… or even worse, when they are literally taken from us?

Taylor did GREAT today!!! I don’t want to take away anything from his hard work and dedication… HE ROCKED IT!!! Exercising, singing, laughing… working hard on everything that he DOESN’T have right now, and celebrating everything he DOES have. He is such an inspiration to me and so many people!!! ❤️

It’s been 11 weeks today… 11 weeks of all sorts of things….some things horrible, some things beautiful… none of this came at a convenient time, but somehow they are the most valuable things we have ever experienced… and they all started with a single penny.

Don’t take your pennies for granted… celebrate them, find them, pick them up… Even when it’s not convenient.

As you watch tonight’s video, please think about things in your life that you may have overlooked… things that you may have taken for granted… and find a way to make a change, even if it’s inconvenient.

Until tomorrow… Miracles Happen!  WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


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Click Here to Watch the Video

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