August 5th, 2018 – Employee Of The Month

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Employee of the Month

Taylor received a gift from his Momma that she grabbed for him on her shopping trip yesterday. An ‘Office’ T-shirt that says Employee of the Month. Dunder Mifflin, Scranton Branch. He can’t see it, but he LOVES IT!!! If you haven’t seen the TV show, check it out, it’s one of our family favorites 😊

Taylor is one heck of a lucky guy… and I mean lucky! It amazes me when I stop and think about all the time, money, and effort it takes for everyone to come see him, from so far away…and how often they do it! Taking just a few minutes to reflect on how many of his friends come to see him really makes me smile. Some even stay here with us, day after day, night after night… just to show their love and support… man oh man… what a lucky guy he is to have so much love surrounding him! PENNY!

A busy day of visitors and laughs. He had a great day… after a VERY good night’s rest!

It is SO important for him to stay motivated and the weekends would seem very boring to him if it weren’t for the non-stop visitors, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! PENNY!

We went to the church service here this afternoon. T, many of his friends, and our family. We all went to the service – Jennifer has been ‘approved’ to take T off the floor, so this was our first trip! Isn’t it amazing how some sermons just speak right to you? Today’s sermon started talking about baseball. T is a big baseball fan, played for over a decade… and continues to listen to the Braves games here during rehabilitation. It brought me to tears as soon the pastor said about opening day and baseball… I really felt like he was speaking to us directly. PENNY!

We are so thankful to both of our Moms for helping as much as they do. We can’t thank them enough… dropping everything in their lives to be here with us when we need them. We love them both so much!! PENNY PENNY!

We are gearing up for a busy week for Taylor! CAN NOT WAIT!!! His Aunt and Uncle will be visiting this coming weekend… which will be a great way to celebrate his successes that I KNOW he will have this week 😊

Please check the PenniesforTaylor page if you would like to help with some fundraising opportunities that many of our friends have organized. T-Shirts, silent auction, and wristbands… all to help us with costs associated with travel and renovations we will need at home. Thank you to those who are able to help with these! First and foremost we need constant prayers and spreading the word about Taylor’s Journey, and we thank you all for helping with that too, FOR SURE!

The more people that hear his story the better… it’s filled with darkness, fear, chaos… light, love… hope and perseverance. Wow. Those few seconds writing that made me feel a little shaky. I try not to remember too much of the darkness and focus on the great stuff…but the reality is that it happened… that is the begINNING of Taylor’s Journey. I’ve learned so much since then.. about who he is.. about who we are.. about love.. about family.. about friends… about faith… deep breath. Personal Reminder: The bad is often quick and jarring… while the good takes time. Patience… pennies add up. We just have to keep counting them. OK, I feel better now. Thanks for letting me stray 😊

I hope you had a great weekend and that an even better week is ahead of you!

Tonight’s video is short with a few photos, but be on the lookout this week as T plans on filling his jar up even more with pennies – we will be sure to share some of his highlights… rest assured he has things that get him down from time to time, but he pushes through, on his own… and we are focused on all those good things!

Are you ready for your week? Be a champion! Don’t just work hard… look forward to working hard! Throughout the week, pay attention to every little detail that makes you feel good… don’t give the bad so much attention… and when the week is over, look at what you gained and not what you lost.❤️

Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


If you are on #twitter and want to share Taylor’s Journey with even more people, please follow: @Pennies_For_Tay

One of my goals through sharing the updates is to share T’s determination, spirit, and story, with as many people as possible! Not only to help him, but to help others too! Please join me in this effort! Share on Facebook and on Twitter

Click Here to Watch Video Update


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