August 21st, 2018 – Work Hard

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Work Hard

WOW, another great night’s rest!! So much to do today, so it’s a good thing!!! It was a full day and he busted his butt!! You got it Taylor!! Jennifer and I couldn’t be prouder of our 3 kids, we love you guys so much!!

T wanted to wear his University of South Carolina Gamecocks gear… can’t blame him, it’s almost football season and I know he is excited for it too!

So much happening today… yesterday was filled with awesome stuff but today was grit and hard work and he sure earned every penny!!

ST is doing great at helping him regain the muscle strength he needs to have proper enunciation and control. He is doing so great with this! I can’t wait until we have some down time to hear him sing!

During OT today, he had fun playing “beach” volleyball! LOL He had fun and a good little vision therapy as well 😊 PENNY!

PT was incredible today… some mild weight lifting to strengthen his shoulder muscles! They also started him on some independent movements… but the big news (and you can hear Liz’s excitement for him in the video) he was able to bend completely over and pickup keys from the ground… unassisted! PENNY!!!! That’s very hard, it takes balance and strength, and we are so proud of him for this one!!! That was a personal goal of his and he nailed it!!!

Treadmills… wow, check out the video, he’s doing great! A lot more of his own weight and he got up to 4.0 on the treadmill and hammered home a FULL MILE TODAY!!! GO TAYLOR!!! PENNY!!!

I have a pretty good feeling he will sleep well tonight, and probably fall asleep early 😊

Those pennies that may have seemed so small sure are packing a punch now that they are all working together! I LOVE IT!!!!

Work Hard, Pray Hard. That’s what’s on the Pennies For Taylor wristbands… and it couldn’t be more fitting! Please check out the PenniesforTaylor Page to learn more about how you can help us AND show your support for Taylor by getting a wristband!

What a great day! Thank you for everyone’s support and spreading the word of Taylor’s Journey! It’s so inspiring to me and I know to others! Please keep sharing your love, support and prayers for Taylor, his recovery and his vision! He is working hard each and every day, nothing is stopping him or getting in his way. ❤️

I don’t know about you, but I need to take lessons… he’s my hero right now, and I look at him and find it hard to ignore. I really need to work on some things personally and I have no excuses… he drowned 7 weeks ago, and LOOK AT HIM NOW!! If he can do this, I surely can buckle down and get things taken care of too! It’s time I work hard too.Until tomorrow… WE LOVE YA’LL!!!


If you are on #twitter and want to share Taylor’s Journey with even more people, please follow: @Pennies_For_Tay

One of my goals through sharing the updates is to share T’s determination, spirit, and story, with as many people as possible! Not only to help him, but to help others too! Please join me in this effort! Share on Facebook and on Twitter

Click Here to Watch the Video

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