July 19th, 2018 – Can We Fix It

From My Facebook Post:

Taylor Update: Can we fix it?

Another rough day for T as his brain heals and he slowly regains consciousness. Still found a few #PenniesForTaylor along the way and we are super excited about tomorrow!!

Please hit the like/love button if you are reading this – it really does help us know how many people are sharing this burden with us and keeping up with Taylor’s story. Taylor has a natural ability to help fix our moods when we are down and out — thank you for stepping in for him while he recovers!

Like most parents, Jennifer and I have always had the mindset that we would do anything for our kids to help make sure they had the best life possible. We keep reminding ourselves of that… it’s easy to feel deflated. Deflated isn’t acceptable, we need to fix it. We all get flat tires from time to time.. but we change it out and continue down the road. Thank you for helping us through this!❤️

Yesterday Taylor was moving his right side much more than his left – some was involuntary but we felt we needed to fix that and have him to use his other side more… today, his left side was moving more, still some involuntary, but still, great news because we were worried he was ignoring his left side. PENNY! He’s healing, I just know it!

PT with Alex was a challenge for everyone, I’ll spare the details but he was cranky 😊 – despite that, he worked like yesterday – a bit more tired from a rough night sleep. Something didn’t go as planned but Alex jumped right in and fixed it – she’s terrific!! After the ‘reset’, he did the work and was pooped 😉 PENNY!

I forgot to tell ya’ll… he stuck his tongue out on command (yesterday or maybe even the day before) – PENNY! Plus it was funny to watch him stick his tongue out so far it almost fell out of his mouth when he found out I was in the room – gosh I love that kids sense of humor LOL

He has been breathing ‘around’ the trach today – PENNY!! I can’t wait until we put a penny in the jar when we have that removed!

Remember the past couple times he was in the chair, I said he enjoyed it… yeah, not today… and he tried to fix that on his own. He literally tried to get out of the chair and had to be ‘restrained’ by Momma and Sissy… feet off rests and on the floor and tried sliding out… yikes!! I hate this happened… but all I hear is he tried to get out of the chair on his own.. PENNY!!!

Ever since this started, I’ve been researching and reading… how do we fix this… what is the best next step… each brain injury is so unique, and the brain is so complex… I just want to help fix this for him…

Just before I received my MD in googleology, we found out that the insurance approved his transfer and we head on down the road to the rehabilitation center tomorrow!!! YES!!!!!! PENNY PENNY PENNY!!

You can still call me Dr. Dorward though, I won’t mind 😊

Going to rehab is a huge step, I know they are going to do everything they can to help fix this! I can’t wait!

When T was younger, one of his favorite shows was Bob the Builder. Sing it with me… “Bob the Builder… Can we fix it? Bob the Builder… YES WE CAN!!!”

Please keep helping us through your thoughts and prayers… tomorrow is a new day and we just can’t wait to meet our new friends at rehab!!! It’s exciting but we continue to be desperate for your help in sharing this burden with us! CAN WE FIX IT?

PenniesforTaylor  #PenniesForTaylor


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